What I Wore 14.04.11 & Claremont Quarter

Hello again! Jessie from The Velvet Bow and I were invited to the A/W 2011 launch at Times Square, at the new Claremont Quarter shopping precinct. I was a bit stuck on what to wear - I've never been to a fashion show before - so I went with something that I thought was kind of a winter trend. And I finally debuted my Litas!

Sass dress//Jeffrey Campbell boots//Vintage bag//Diva earrings//Voodoo stockings

I can honestly say that these are the most comfortable heeled shoes I've ever worn. I have no idea how shoes that look so menacing are so light and comfortable in real life! I managed to get up and down about three flights of stairs and navigate around a carpark (where the fashion show was held) without any problems, which is a personal achievement in itself.

I couldn't really get great photos from where we were sitting, but there were some gorgeous things going down the runway! I especially liked the offerings from Leona Edminston (obviously) and ae'lkemi.

It was a great event and I have to say, I really like the look of Claremont Quarter! It reminds me of somewhere in Melbourne and I'm really looking forward to going back and looking at a few shops. One in particular is Zara Bryson, which stocks the gorgeous Make Believe necklaces and Stretsis! I was very excited.

Sorry for the shortish post - I'm on my way to dinner and a pantomime show (starring my sister)!



  1. This looks like a whole bunch of fun!!! I adore your dress, and I can totally understand it being classed as a big achievement to navigate stairs in heels, I always have so much trouble! <3

  2. Absolutely love the sheer lace top part of your outfit :) You look great!!
    xx S

  3. oh love everything about this outfit! and your litas!!! I am hanging out for a pair of hunter green ones.. must invest soon! glad you had a fantastic time!

  4. Pink Penguin - Stairs AND a carpark that was mostly in the dark! I was very proud, it would have been quite embarrassing...
    Le Fanciulle - Thank you! Love your blog!
    Maebe Isadora - I got mine from Revolve, they were the only place that still had some in stock, maybe try there? Thanks lovely! xx


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