What I Wore 04.04.11

It seems like it's been so long since I've done an outfit post! I assure you I have, in fact, been wearing clothes. Nice clothes. Like this dress. It's one of the ones I got in the Modcloth sale a while ago and it is insanely comfortable, even in this 30 degree weather that we've been having. In the middle of autumn. It's getting a little bit ridiculous.

Pristine Premonition dress, Sugarhill Boutique via Modcloth//Black flats//Diva black rose earrings & key ring

And I changed my hair again! I have a fringe again (hooray!) and it's much darker on top, but with some of the bayalage still poking through. In a couple of months it will again be a different colour - stay tuned!...

I really should have gotten a closeup of my ring. It's pretty much a replica of a House of Harlow ring that I had been lusting over for ages. But, $7.99 for the Diva ring vs $60 for the House of Harlow one? I always feel a bit guilty buying something that I know is a blatant rip off, though. Ages ago I bought a ring from Sportsgirl and was very peeved to open up Vogue and find that it was identical to one by an independent designer. But, if I said I wasn't going to buy anything "inspired by" something else, my wardrobe would be very limited indeed!

Well, I am off to lie on the couch with Whose Line Is It Anyway?, the latest issue of RUSSH and a bottle of Diet Coke. A 21st on the weekend has left me feeling rather fragile (yes, even still on Monday).



  1. Love the ring! Also been lusting over the HoH one, but I might have to check out Diva... I know what you mean about annoyance though, if I'm going to buy an 'inspired' piece, I like to know who the original is so I can dedicate some thought to it. Weird logic, but it works!

    Very cute dress too :)

  2. Ooh that dress really is adorable, I knew I should have snapped it up when I got the chance!

    Your hair looks lovely, I am excited to see what this change is going to be!

  3. I was so surprised when I went into Lovisa the other day and found that 50% of the stock were crazily blatant rip offs, I guess it shouldn't have been such a shock.
    Your dress is gorgeous, I need something light like that for this weather!

  4. The dress is adorable on you! I hope this isn't rude to say but you look like you've lost weight, very svelte!

  5. Jaztee - Well, I doubt it makes a difference to Nicole Richie's millions of dollars, but when it's independent designers I get pretty peeved! And Diva is pretty infamous for ripping them off, so I hear. I understand the logic completely :)
    The Velvet Bow - Thank you! I wasn't sure how it would look on - whether it would be too flowy under the bust - but I actually really love it (not to rub it in, haha)!
    alana - I haven't checked out too much of Lovisa, but yeah from what I've seen there's not too much original stuff! It's hard to know where to draw the line sometimes!
    harbourmaster - I have actually (not rude to say!), I think it's more of an accidental break-up diet than anything too deliberate :/


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