What I Wore 04.03.11

I am so behind with outfit posts at the moment! This is what I wore on Friday night to see Best Coast at Becks Music Box. I love Best Coast's album, but I'm not sure how I felt about them live. I don't know, about halfway through the concert all the songs seemed to kind of blend into each other. Plus, they only have one album out, so it's not like they could play for all that long. The lead singer was totally cute though (even when she bumped her teeth on the mike!) and everyone was getting into it and having fun, so that was good. And I love the Becks Music Box as a venue, I wish I'd gone to it more during the arts festival. Oh well. There's always next year!

Sorry the lighting in the photos is so off, I had to quickly snap these as I was on my way out the door!

Willow skirt//Portmans tee//Black flats//Sportsgirl bag (21st present)//Diva cameo earrings

So I love this skirt, but throughout the night the material kept flaking, or something? By the end of the night I was covered in tiny gold flecks all up my arm, in my hair, on my face... It was a little bit ridiculous. I looked like a human disco ball. That small (but incredibly irritating) matter aside, I really like this outfit. The skirt's obviously the standout piece but I like how the t-shirt and the flats make it a bit more casual.

I met up with my friend and her friends at the concert, and we were planning to stay for the after party and dance around and have fun. Well, the DJ apparently decided that after Best Coast everyone would be in the mood for ambient, atmospheric, gloomy lounge music. NOT THE CASE, BRO. Instead we hotfooted it to Amps (where I hadn't been for so long) and had a ball dancing around to the likes of The Smiths, The Dandy Warhols and The Wombats. It ended up being really fun. Even though when I dance I look like a cross between Elaine Bennett and the baby from Ally McBeal.

I've put up a few outfit posts lately, but I haven't mentioned my hair colour! While I loved the red, it was just too hard to keep it looking really rich and vibrant. I can only realistically afford to get it coloured once a month or so, and it was too long between visits. So, I got this balayage instead and I'm really loving it so far. I kind of wish it would grow a little faster, though! 

More photos to come this week, including my outfit for the All Of The Above Creative launch and the (very late!) photos from the blogger's meet up! Hopefully my Modcloth purchases will sometime next week so I can show them off too!


p.s I just noticed my dinner bowl in the corner of these photos - oops! At least it shows I'm not going out on an empty stomach?!


  1. Cute outfit!
    I really love your blog :)

  2. This is a really sweet oufit, I adore the longer length skirt! Very chic <3

  3. Red hair is sooo hard to maintain, I failed at it as well :) I really like this skirt, wish I could pull off a skirt at that length.

  4. The skirt is gorgeous. Im such a fan of the below the knee length and looking like a disco ball by the end of the night doesnt sound too bad :) who doesnt love a little sparkle

    Ginger xxo


  5. wow that skirt is something awesome! loving the waist on it! is it actually cut like that or is half of it black elastic and the top your wearing giving it the cutoff illusion?!? either way. its totally rad.

    Oh and great to see you last week! your dress was something wonderful cant wait to see pics!

  6. Definitely love the skirt!

  7. Fresh style. I found your blog by mistake. I guess I'm lucky. Bookmarked.

    The Great Gotham

  8. i love ur bag <3 also visit my new blog as well thanks :)



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