Sunday Songs 27.03.11

I've spent the last three days in bed with an awful flu. I think the worst of it is over but I still feel quite horrible! At least it's given me plenty of time to download some new music and get some Sunday Songs inspiration.

♥ Weezer - Keep Fishin'
For some reason the other night, I really felt like watching the Weezer video for Buddy Holly. Then it went into a bit of an impromptu Weezer video marathon, because quite a few of their videos are pretty spectacular. I couldn't go past this one though, as it looks like basically the happiest music video on earth. Additionally, any Rivers Cuomo lookalikes out there, um, hello, I like you.

♥ Andy Bull - Young Man
A while ago, my friend and I went to the Split Seconds EP launch show, and Andy Bull was their support act. I'd never seen him live before and so obviously fell deeply in love. This song is a bit older but it's one of my favourites. 

♥ The Roots - The Seeds (2.0)
I saw this song in the Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake 'History of Rap' video and since then it's been stuck in my head. It's so catchy! I love it. It makes me feel more groovy than I actually am.

♥ Joni Mitchell - A Case Of You
My friend sent me a cover of this song that I was going to put in but this Sunday Songs was pretty heavy on the menz so I decided to leave the original. I LOVE Joni Mitchell, even though when her music is beautifully sad (borderline depressing depending on my mood). It makes me a little weepy.

Hopefully this week I'll be feeling a little better as I have outfits and new things to post! But until then, enjoy the songs!



  1. I love Keep Fishin'! Hope you get well soon :)

  2. Love Weezer and the muppets = great entertaining combo and oh my Rivers in his suite phase- sexy!

    Love Ms Stef...

  3. I discovered Andy Bull a few years ago when I heard him do an awesome cover of MGMT's Electric Feel on Nova I think.

    He was on Triple J last Thursday morning doing Like a Version and he performed a cover of Tear for Fears' Everybody Wants To Rule the World. It's available on the website for download. So good!

  4. Jaztee - It's my favourite song at the moment!
    ms stephanie - AHHHH I know! Love me some '90s Rivers!
    Julia - I listened to it after you mentioned it, it was so good! I'm seeing him again next month when he comes to Perth, I can't wait!


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