Sunday Songs 20.03.11

Hello again! It is time for a much-needed revival of Sunday Songs! I have to tell you, this is one of my favourite Gin in a Teacup features. Do you know someone even found their wedding song through one of my Sunday Song posts and emailed me to tell me about it? Hooray! On that note, I have a ton of unanswered mail that I am sorting through, so if you've sent an email recently, your response may be horribly late but it's coming!

♥ Salt n Pepa - Whatta Man
For some reason I have been on a massive Salt n Pepa kick this week. Why?! Anyway, I had forgotten how awesome and just, well, fun this song is, even if I do find some of the lines kind of hilarious. I think I have found my new karaoke song.

♥ John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Give Peace A Chance
I read on Twitter that John & Yoko were married on the 20th of March, 1969, and so I thought I would throw in a little Lennon love. I used to love this song when I was younger - I mean, I still do - I am very glad I was brought up in a house where the Beatles (and their solo stuff, obviously) were mandatory listening! That could have more to do with my dad being from Liverpool, but still.

♥ The Beatles - Happy Birthday
And speaking of my dad, it was his birthday yesterday. Happy birthday Papa Lloyd! This song doesn't really count, because, well, everyone knows how Happy Birthday goes, and also the Beatles are singing "Happy Birthday, Saturday Club!" but still. Anyway, without my dad there would be no Sunday Songs posts, since he was the one who got me so into music. Well, I guess I SHOULD say, there would be Sunday Songs posts but they would be ultra lame and definitely not as rad. So much love to my dad. 

♥ The Beatles - I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends
And this is also dedicated to my dad AND my beautiful friend Renae, who also had a birthday yesterday. She is also quite lovely and deserves a mention! Coincidentally, who is your favourite Beatle? I have to say I'm a big George fan. He's gorgeous. Swoon.

♥ Whip My Hair - Neil Young & Bruce Springsteen
And to stop this edition of Sunday Songs from getting too mushy, a cover of "Whip My Hair" that one of my friends sent me. It took me about a minute into the song to realise that this was not, in fact, Neil Young and made me love Jimmy Fallon a little bit more. Along with "Friday" (ARRRRRGHHHHH) this song has been stuck in my head all week and may have been the star of a late-night St Patrick's Day singalong. Plus, Bruce Springsteen. Need I say more?

Happy Sunday!



  1. Salt n Pepa, so much win. Only to be out done by L'Trimm and the classic 'Cars That Go Boom'.

  2. great songs. and George is my favorite too. I actually brought his 'greatest hits' album last week! ♥

  3. Ahhh! How did I miss this Beatles soaked SS post? Love it!


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