Modcloth Madness

You may have noticed a little incident that's made bloggers all over the world reach for their purses. It's the Modcloth 70% off sale (something I look forward to every year!) and I have to say I was spoiled for choice this year. I'd already ordered some dresses when they first went on sale and I'm kicking myself that I didn't wait another week for them to get even cheaper!

Here's my favourites from the sale...

Imagined Menagerie dress, $124.99 $36.99
Pristine Premonition dress, $77.99 $22.99
Morning Toffee cape, $89.99 $26.99
Quelle Chic dress, $129.99 $38.99
Don't Go Astray dress, $129.99 $38.99
The Devereuax dress, $112.99 $33.99
Tulle Tours en L'Air dress, $134.99 $39.99

I ended up ordering the Pristine Premonition and the Don't Go Astray dresses, and a sweet knitted white cardigan. I was quite proud of my restraint (although three items doesn't really count as being restrained, does it?). I'd wanted the Devereaux dress for the longest time, but I'm not sure about the colour, or about the zips - it has one down the back (I would be paranoid someone would just sneak up behind me and yoink it open) and one under each arm, which is a bit strange! I'm quite excited to receive them and style them up!

Did you order anything? If you like the look of something, I'd snap it up - one of the dresses I loved sold out while it was dawdling in my shopping cart!



  1. probably one of my favourite times of the year, oh my god. I ordered a dress and a cardigan - just keeping it down to those two was DIFFICULT. love what you've chosen!

  2. Love your picks, lovely lady! :) You'll look gorgeous in them!

  3. I made the mistake of waiting too long and all 3 dresses in my cart got snapped up by other shoppers! Ohhh well I probably have enough Modcloth already :) Your choices are so lovely, I especially adore the Pristine Premonition dress <3


  4. I ordered a dress, a coat and a scarf, so I'm going to say that three things isn't overdoing it, haha. It was my first ever Modcloth order, and I was so happy with everything!

  5. Oh I havent been on ModCloth for ages! Lovely choices :)


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