Kittens & Heels

I've been on a bit of a shoe binge and I am very, very happy with the results.

The heeled brogues are from Target ($40), the wedges are from Forever New ($50) and the loafers are from Sportsgirl ($40).

I'm most happy with the heeled brogues; I've been looking for a pair for ages, but could only find ones with really skinny heels that were also insanely high. I have gone way off (really) high heels at the moment. The other night I was out with my friend and on our way home I noticed almost every single girl had her heels in hand and was stumbling around barefoot. I made a vow then and there that I would never be that girl (...again). It may be easier to uphold that promise now that I am almost done with The Year Of 21sts.

And this is my cat! Well, my grandparents' cat. When I moved into their old house, I inherited the cat as well. It was a bit prickly towards me at first but thankfully now it's become a bit more used to me and doesn't hiss when I go near it! She doesn't have a name at the moment, so far I have just been calling her Cat.



  1. i love the pink shoes! cant believe you found nice ones at target, i think their stuff's been getting better lately. actually i went in there on sat and actually bought a top! for the first time in years

  2. Nice! I wanted those loafers in the pony hair leopard print, but they sold out in my size! :( Great shoe binge results btw!

  3. Oh wow! I was eyeing off those brogues in target today, but couldn't quite justify buying them in my 'meant-to-be-saving' state right let me know if they are comfy!

    I love the pink wedges too!

    Xx Claire

  4. I almost bought those brogues today! But then I got swayed by the black and grey flat ones, and I got all flustered about making a decision so I left it.


  5. I love all 3 of your purchases! I have been looking for low-heeled brogues for aggesss in black, I never even thought to look in Target! And the Forever New Wedges are sooo sweet x

  6. Love the FN shoes great colour

    I had a similar pair of brown brogues like yours, to cut a long story short the heel of one of them broke late last year (only had them for about 3 months) and ever since been looking.

    Love Ms Stef...

  7. I don't usually like brogues but the Target ones are cool! And the cat!!! What a cutie...she looks sort of lynx-like, maybe you can name her with that in mind...

  8. those brogue heels are gorgeous! darn why don't we have a target!

  9. oh my those blush pink wedges are adorable! and those loafers! i wish i was back in australia so i could go to sportsgirl right now and buy them :P

    x amie

  10. Gorgeous shoes and even more gorgeous blog!

    Hugs from your newest fan in Paris xx

    Camille @ Paris in Pink

  11. love it!!!!

  12. :O! I was going to buy the same pair of brogues (!) but the back felt a bit stiff so I was (and still am) unsure about buying them :\

  13. louisa - I haven't checked out their clothes in a while, but I was really impressed with the shoes!
    kaye - I know, I wanted them as well, but they only had a size six left :( I was so sad! But I love these ones, so it's not too bad.
    Miss Claire - They are really comfy! Maybe made a bit big because they felt a little loose? But yes I lasted a night out & could still walk the next day without pain!
    emily jane - Cool man
    Pink Penguin - I'm sure they'll start popping up everywhere now that it's getting colder, but I was so happy to find these for so cheap!
    ms stephanie - I haven't had a chance to wear the Forever New ones yet! Gah!
    Fourth Daughter - Ooh, good suggestion! It's been ages and I STILL haven't thought of a name!...
    jamie-lee - Yeah, I was happy I checked out Target!
    Amie - I'm sure there's plenty of great places in NY too ;)
    Paris Pink - Thank you so much! That's so sweet of you to say :)
    Opposite Lipstick - Thank you!
    h.tea - They'll probably break after a couple of wears, but until then I will love them fiercely!
    CHHIMMI GURUNG - Thank you! Hopefully they'll be making more appearances on the blog in outfit posts soon!


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