What I Wore 21.02.11

I wore this to my friend's birthday dinner at the Vic Park Hotel. Happy 22nd, Chloe! I was so in the mood for pub food and satisfied my craving with a big juicy chicken kiev. And then some peanut butter and chocolate icecream afterwards. Yum.

This is the Leona Edminston dress I gave a sneak peek of in this post. It makes me feel very Betty Draper when I wear it.

Ruby by Leona Edminston dress//My nan's earrings//Novo shoes {not shown}

Someone commented that they had a vintage dress with this exact same pattern on it. I think that in Leona Edminston's main collection she had used a 70s print, I kind of hope that this is a vintage pattern as well! I like that it's kind of quirky, I don't think I've ever seen a print with groovy cocktail glasses before. You can get a dress with the same print here (on sale too!).

I think that Leona Edminston might be one of my favourite designers. I have another one of her dresses (seen here, here, here and here) and they are just so comfortable and flattering. I think she might design for more real women's bodies, while someone like Alannah Hill makes beautiful clothes but they don't always look so good if you have boobs and hips (in my experience). I mean, I wore an Alannah Hill dress to my 21st and absolutely love it, so maybe I don't know anything...

So for the last two posts I've mentioned I was wearing my nan's earrings. As you may know my nan passed away last year and I recently moved into what was her and my granddad's house. I found these earrings in my room and I hope no one minds me wearing them! It makes me feel nice to wear something of hers.

Anyway, it's getting quite late and I have work tomorrow. Blergh. Goodnight!



  1. This is a fabulous dress! Very betty draper :)

  2. Love this dress! I don't think I've ever seen anyone post about Leona Edminston, but I'm so glad you did. I love her dresses and don't think they get talked about enough.

    I just checked out your link to the AH post and realised I have those pink and white Whittner shoes too!

  3. Pretty! The dress really suits you. I'm sure Nan would love that you're wearing her earrings :)

  4. That dress is possibly the prettiest thing I have ever seen. I love the blue/white colour combination. Also, I think it's nice that you have something of your Nan's to wear. I like the idea of using things that belong to our loved ones, because then we can be reminded of them all the time.

  5. Your dress is divine! So very Mad Men :)

    Friend in Fashion

  6. Great dress, love Leona! Perfect for a party. I miss shopping in Claremont, there are a few stores there that I miss now I am back in Adelaide. Particularly Zomp!
    Love your blog, following you, would love for you to follow me too!


    Love Nell.

  7. I was going to buy this dress, but, ahem, a lack of funds got in the way. It looks so beautiful on you! I like that Leona is one of the few designers who embraces sleeves on dresses.
    Also lovely that you're wearing your Nan's earrings - it's so important to keep a connection with loved ones.

  8. i just love the print on your dress - so pretty!

    nice outfit posts :)


  9. Helen - All I need is the pearls and the pumps to go with it! And a Don Draper wouldn't go astray :)
    Dempeaux - I LOVE Leona Edminston, I would have a wardrobe full of her dresses if I could afford it! Some of them are a little old for me but most of them are so gorgeous & feminine!
    emily jane - Thank yooou!
    Miss Peregrin - Thank you (about the dress & your lovely words about loved ones!).
    Friend in Fashion - Thank you! I hope so :)
    Jenelle - I love Zomp! Shopping in Claremont is pretty awesome (but expensive!).
    Jaztee - I love sleeves! I wish more summery dresses had them, to be honest. And thank you :)
    JoJo - Thanks! x

  10. awww, how lovely that you live in their old house! absolutely ADORE this dress and print! It reminds me of a painting by Shag. must check out her designs. Total agree about AH - the sizing is small too

  11. amazing dress!



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