What I Wore 25.01.11

I actually wore this same outfit out on Friday night to a friend's house for Sex and the City 2 bashing, and then again today for brunch at Toast with Cam, which was absolutely delicious. It's a bit tricky having half of my wardrobe here, and half at my new house, so outfits are going to be repeated and remixed quite a lot. You might recognise the top from this post, it's one of the things I got in the post Christmas sales. I'm trying to buy more separates this year, and I think this outfit is a good start!

Hi There by Karen Walker blouse//My Girl Gwendoline skirt//Sportsgirl printed jacket//Jasmin black flats//Lovisa animal ring trio//Gary Pepper Vintage bag

This was at some crazy awesome fountain wall. I've never been to East Perth and it's so pretty! Not to mention filled with delicious restaurants. At Toast I had corn fritters with poached eggs, avocados and hollandaise sauce. Mmm. 

I saw these animal rings on Lovers, Saints and Sailors ages ago, and popped into Lovisa a while ago to see if they were still there. They were! (Obviously). I quite like Lovisa - I think it's meant to be like Diva, with lots of cheap trendy jewellery, but they are a bit more quirky and out there. My rings were packaged up really nicely and everything! Lovisa -1, Diva - 0. And not only because in high school Diva hired me, only to never call me again to, you know, set up any hours. Oof.

I also wanted to show off my new Gary Pepper Vintage bag! I went to check out the launch of her online store a couple of weeks ago - like half of the female population, it seems - and while all of the clothes seemed a little too small, I fell in love with this bag. I don't usually make impulse buys online (though my bank account would beg to differ) but I snaffled this one in some kind of bag-induced trance. It's the perfect size for me and a nice alternative to my new Sportsgirl bag, which can also be seen in this post.

I did actually receive some bad news yesterday so please understand if blogging is a bit slow over the next few days! Thanks, and thanks to Cam for taking all the pictures xx


  1. You look very sweet! I looove the rings! And the bag. Nice scores!

    Hope your bad news is not making you too sad. xx

  2. Oh East Perth is actually amazing! The apartments above Toast house my partner :-)

    Toast is a bit of a local - it is amazing food there!

    P.s. LOVING the clashing prints!

    P.P.S. Hope everything is ok :-)

  3. The skirt and ring are gorgeous. I love how you've mixed the prints together. I really need to start being more adventurous with that! x


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