What I Wore 14.01.11

I got this dress from Modcloth earlier this week and I'm a little embarrassed how much I've been wearing it! It's perfect for this weather - a loose shape and beautiful floaty fabric. I think it's my first 2011 purchase, as well.

Dress: "Tweet on You" dress, Ark & Co via Modcloth//Earrings: 21st present

This is just a quick post because I couldn't wait any longer to share the dress - I had pretty bad food poisoning on Tuesday night (thank you, heat-up lasagna from the supermarket) and I still feel a little under the weather. Hopefully I'll be feeling better by next week, I still have many, many online purchases to share!


p.s I also just wanted to say hello and thank you to my new followers! I'm really enjoying checking out your blogs, as well! & the Chictopia badge is in there just to let you know I'm trying to contribute there more often - so that button should link to my Chictopia account!


  1. That dress is gorgeous! (And you may have started a Modcloth obsession for me...)

  2. P-r-e-t-t-y!

    And aww, you poor thing! I hope you feel better soon, food poisoning is horrible! (I remember being so violently ill from a dodgy sausage curry once that I was actually throwing up openly in those bins in the middle of a shopping centre once, argh!)

  3. Ohh! I adore your blog! It is so very lovely and this dress is beautiful too! I can see why you would wear it so much!

    Ayesha x


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