What I Wore 03.01.11

First outfit post of the new decade! Wheee! This is the first day I've gotten properly dressed this year, the last two days have been spent feeling sorry for myself (after imbibing too many delicious cocktails on New Year's Eve, thanks to my friend Chloe!) and watching Rock of Love 2 with the aircon turned right up. Today, I actually managed to do some grocery shopping and get some coffee and macarons. Not too shabby.

I got this romper in the Boxing Day sales, down in Bunbury. I'd wanted it since it came out a couple of months ago, but couldn't justify paying $80 for something that probably won't get worn all that often. Imagine my delight when I found this one - the last one in the store - for a mere twenty dollars. I picked up quite a few lovely things in the sales, which will all get their own post in a few days time. Oh, and you may have noticed I had my hair dyed again! It's a much darker and richer red than before (though a bit dirty in these photos), and I love it.

Romper from Dotti//Bracelets from Seed Femme at David Jones//Isabella Brown flats

I also picked up these bracelets from work. I don't know why, but I'm really not one for bracelets - they annoy me after about half an hour and I have to take them off. The cute little charms on these ones make it almost bearable, though.

And now I'm off to start making dinner. I made a goals to eat a lot better this year - working in a shopping centre with a food court kind of wreaks havoc on your eating habits! I made this salad for lunch (it was DELICIOUS), and I am making teriyaki beef with sesame for dinner. A good start so far, I think (well, apart from the macarons for "breakfast", but baby steps guys, baby steps).



  1. Thanks for linking to me Tara!

    I'm soooo glad you like it, it was a freak salad that I threw together once and is now a staple.

    YUM! x

  2. Oh my.. What a cute romper! and from Dotti too! who wouldve thought :) you look great in it.. I feel the same way about bracelets and rings but hey im getting used to them...

    But what im really wondering is, WHERE the hell do you get macarons from in perth!

    That salad sounds pretty tasty!

  3. cuuuute romper! your hair looks fantastic too, I love that colour.

  4. macarons for breakfast is NOT a bad thing ever! haha. love this romper, what a bargain too.

  5. OMG, I really love your hair that color! The red really makes you pop! Of course the brunette was beautiful too but I'm a fan of red hair. XX

  6. Annette - No problem, it was scrumptious! Feel free to post any more delicious salads :D
    Kim - I know, I was surprised! I hardly ever go into Dotti! I got the macarons from the Globe Cafe in South Perth... the cafe itself is pretty average but the macarons were yummy!
    Lisa Grace - Thank you! So glad you're back to blogging :D
    Helen - I was pretty stoked to find it for so cheap (although a teeny bit outraged they charged $80 in the first place...).
    Annie Spandex - Thank you so much! I'm really loving it :)

  7. So cute! Playsuits never seem to fit me properly, but I'll definitely give them another chance now!

  8. The romper is really cute- very flattering!


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