Sunday Songs 23.01.11

It has been a really, really weird week. I found out I have to start moving my stuff pretty much straightaway (long story, but I am basically moving into my grandparent's old house), one of the girls at work quit unexpectedly, so there's only two of us now, and it has just felt like this insane madhouse! So, this week's choices are a little bit random.

♥ Kanye West - Runaway
You know, I don't even like Kanye West. I really don't. I really have never gotten the hype (except for Gold Digger, of course - can't deny the damn catchiness of that song). But this song just sounds so dark and weird and kind of beautiful, in a way. And yes, it is damn catchy as well. And at least he's admitting he's a douchebag, for once. Is he? I assume so. I kind of get distracted by all the ballerinas to pay that much close attention to the lyrics.

♥ The Drums - Saddest Summer Ever
This song is so irresistible to jump around and dance all crazy-like. I really like it! I wasn't wowed by any of The Drums albums, but I will always blast this song as high as it can go on my iPod and turn into a one woman dance party.

♥ Christina Aguilera - Candyman
So, maybe the loose theme for this week is "Yeah, I'm not really a fan of theirs, but I like this particular song". I am planning to see Burlesque at some point - for Cher, obviously, not Christina BITCH PLEASE - but I love, love, love this video. The Andrews Sisters melodies! The bobby socks! The sailor girl outfits! It's so deliciously cheesy that you have to appreciate it. Except for the awful "makes the panties drop" line. Panties is one of my most hated word. Along with moist. UGH. Anyway.

♥ Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode
So, disregard the loose theme I just mentioned. I love Chuck Berry. The last time I was in Melbourne I found a Chuck Berry Greatest Hits album on vinyl and it was pretty happy. I do love all the go go dancing going on in this clip as well. Especially when Chuck joins in. HOW COOL IS HE?!

Happy Sunday!


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  1. I love Candyman as well, even though I'm not usually a fan of Christina's! But agreed, the word panties should not be used. Especially not in conjunction with the word moist.

  2. Moist might be one of the worst words ever! I know so many people that don't like it, and funny enough they're all girls. Tits is also high on my dislike list...but I digress. Great Chuck Berry pick.

  3. Your music selection always puts me in the best moods:) Here's to living in madness.. Tinkx

    Ps: I've changed my blog name

  4. Yay I really liked your Sunday songs! I'm pretty late to the party and enjoying them on a Wednesday...!



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