Home Sweet Home - Animal Edition

So it looks as though I will be moving again, I think for the fourth time in as many years, to somewhere with a lot more space and where I can decorate how I please (...mostly). For the past couple of days I've been trawling home inspiration sites like The Selby, Home Sweet Style and Awesome Space, reading the Frankie mook Spaces and obsessing over ish and chi (one of my new favourite blogs, for sure!).

Here's my first, animal themed wishlist for when I can stop unpacking and start decorating...

{Rabbits: Rabbit lamp, $165, and Porcelain Rabbits, $49.95 for three, from Raw Space; Fawn, $29.95 from Raw Space; Birds: Turquoise birds, $45, from Raw Space [currently out of stock], Birdstack by Cole Gerst painting, $38, from Urban Outfitters, Key to Flying Wall Hook, $13.99 from Modcloth; Owls (yes, I know owls are birds too!): Hootin' and Holdin' Desktop Organiser, $8.99 from Modcloth, Porcelain Owl, $14.95 from Raw Space}

I expect I'll be posting more about the items when I actually get around to buying them, but for now it's nice to daydream about the little things that can make a house feel like my own. It certainly passes the time at work!...


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  1. Hiw exciting is moving. I moved rooms the other day just for a thrill and the opportunity for more decorative space. I love bunnies!


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