2010 Outfit Roundup

These were my favourite outfits of the year. I didn't realise how many prints I wore and how often I wore them! I'm going to do a more detailed post about what style direction I'd like to go in this year, but I definitely want to start building up a wardrobe of seperates, rather than just relying on dresses all the time.

I think this was the year that I started taking more style risks and I think it definitely paid off, in that I feel more comfortable in my choices and more on my way to find "my" style. I want to try and tone down the girliness now that I'm going into my 20s; having a feminine style that isn't too young-looking.

I have an insane collection of heels but I really need to get some more flats because, honestly, that's what I end up wearing ninety per cent of the time (especially with my knee currently in a shambolic state!).

Anyway, I'm really excited for this year and I hope you are too, and that your New Year's Eve celebrations were excellent - mine were!



  1. I love the pink dress and tattoo tights! I wouldn't mind having a pair of those myself :) Thank you for your blog and being such a sweet, down to earth girl!

  2. gosh you have so many gorgeous dresses!! My favourite is the stripy first one!

    Come and enter my very first giveaway if you like...
    xx Christie

  3. happy new year! a lovely year of outfits, I love all your dresses. feel free to pass any of them on in your quest to tone down the girliness... haha

  4. Jasmine - Aww! Thank YOU for your lovely comment!
    christie - Thank you!
    Lisa Grace - Haha! I will keep that in mind! :D

  5. You look so amazing with your outfits....!!! Love the pink dress that you have tatoo in your legs. Just perfect!!!


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