What I Wore 01.12.10

Today I had a rather delightful day. I had lunch with two of my favourite people (despite awfully rude service - I'm not happy at you, Windsor Hotel), then book shopping with Cam. Tonight we are going to see The Social Network and I'm so excited! I've been wanting to see it since it came out. I have only heard good things about it.

Vintage dress
Jeanswest belt
Rubi shoes

Last time I wore this dress, it was just a bit too... big. Which is very, very rare for me with vintage dresses! This belt that I got in Bunbury ages ago is perfect for it. I still can't decide what the print on the dress is. Chess pieces? One of my friends thought they were little armless people.

I am resigned to wearing flats for a while because I twisted my knee really badly at my friend's 21st this past weekend. I also scraped my arm because I fell against a brick wall! Clever.

I also bought this amazing book at Elizabeth's Bookshop! I can't wait to read it. 60s inspiration ahoy!

And at Borders, Cam also surprised me and bought me a book on vintage fashion! It looks amazing so far.

Well, I am off to the movies!



  1. What an adorable dress! And your hair is look as excellent as ever :D

  2. I love the dress! And I like the idea of armless people haha

  3. aw you are cute! Lovely dress and am loving your hair!!

    That's a shame about the Windsor, it's usually really nice there!


  4. You. Are. Adorable. And even from the same part of the world as me! Excellent!

  5. asha - Thank you! One of my favourite vintage finds for sure :)
    Corrine - Thank you :D it looks a little more pumped up in these photos, usually it's pretty flat and blah (still LOVE the colour though!).
    andrea - Haha, you can't unsee it now can you?!
    Abby - Oh I know, I usually have a great time at the Windsor! I guess the waitress was just having a bad day, she was so snippy and rude!
    Georgia Rose - Thank you! I love your blog, it's so cute!


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