Gin in a Teacup Christmas Guide, part 2

Sorry for the delay between posting part one and part two! This one is all about siblings. Although you might be at each other's throats 364 days a year, Christmas is a time when you can put all that aside and band together to get through the myriad family Christmas events. Obviously it is hard to cover EVERY SINGLE person's taste in a Christmas guide, but hopefully this gives you a few ideas!...

Book Depository is a goldmine for presents (and, well, for everyday, really). Not only is there an enormous range of books, but there's free shipping worldwide! I think that 'coffee table books' make excellent presents, and so I have my eye on Style Diaries ($24), which features a lot of my favourite bloggers, or the Polaroid Book: Instant and Unique ($18).

Homeware things are always fun to get, especially if your siblings are living out of home on a student budget. Getting something that doesn't come from Coles and Kmart is always fun! Urban Outfitters has a great range that I am constantly lusting over, from the slightly irreverent (the Indelicate Doilies, $8) to the slightly extravagant (Folding Ladder Bookshelf, $279) and everything in between.

Clothes are always a bit of a risky present. While you might absolutely love something, your brother or sister might scrunch up their nose in disgust. Getting clothes as a present might be a chance for your sibling to try something new and push them out of their sartorial comfort zone, though, so it's worth a shot (and honestly, who knows you better than your family?). Modcloth have some awesome guy's tees, including a line based on novel covers like this Slaughterhouse 5 one ($27.99).  And while I've blogged about many, many, MANY beautiful Modcloth ladies items before, I love the simplicity of the Ruby Romance dress ($44.99). It can be dressed up or paired with a blazer and some flats for a chic, easy day look.

If your siblings are of the little, little variety, then maybe the Melissa x Vivienne Westwood minis? I think these are absolutely adorable. Forget buying them as a present, I kind of want a pair! And as for little boys, Cotton On Kids does some very, very cute shirts (I used to work there, so I do know this for a fact! In fact, the cute clothes were the only bearable thing about working there...). But after that I am kind of stuck. Anyone else have any ideas?


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