What I Wore 04.11.10

It freaked me out a little bit writing the date in the title of this post. Where did the year go?

I have had an incredibly busy week but managed to take some time to do some outfit photos. I have two major essays and a reading log due for uni, and three articles to write for my internship (which doesn't officially start until the 15th but I am incredibly lucky to be doing some interviews and stuff already!). Anyway, here is what I wore to do an interview this morning.

Sportsgirl dress
Rubi flats
Rabbit ring from Pigeonhole

As I mentioned in my last post, it was 36ÂșC yesterday. Thankfully today is a little cooler, although I'm probably still a little crazy for wearing longish sleeves. I have worn this dress at least once a week since I got it, the fabric is so stretchy and comfy (although it pills incredibly easily) and reminds me of a kind of circus dress. Maybe it's the stripes.

It also has bows on the back (and no, I did not notice the big matted knot at the back of my head before I went out! Grr)!

I hope you are all having glorious summery days (or, fantastic wintery ones!). 



  1. LOVE the new hair!!!

    Makes the colours in the dress really pop!
    Awesome move by you :-)

  2. lovely dress. I'm still wearing long sleeves in this perth weather. I can't help it!
    you have such a tiny waist! I'm also loving the new hair ♥

  3. That's a good dress on you, Tara. I think the sleeve length helps with the balance. I don't think it would be as good with short sleeps. And it doesn't look weird, even for Perth. It's not as if they are full length!

  4. Your hair looks amazing! And that is a really lovely dress.

  5. LOVE THE HAIR! And the outfit. Not the 36degrees, so much.

  6. Love love love your hair!! SO many different tones in it, I want! And that dress is rather awesome too..love that style of dress x

  7. you look insanely gorgeous, i LOVE the hair! <3


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