Sunday Songs

I have had kind of an insanely awesome week - I did work experience with Xpress Fashion, and some more interviews for articles. But the bad side is, it has left me with not a lot of time to blog, and even the "Sorry, blogging will resume shortly" posts I was working on didn't end up getting finished! I hope these lovely tunes will somewhat make up for the lack of posting.

♥ Best Coast - When I'm With You
This is perfect summery music, and I am excited to go and see these guys when they come to Perth next year as part of the art festival!

♥ Mark Ronson & The Business Intl feat. Boy George - Somebody to Love Me
I am pretty obsessed with Mark Ronson's new album and this is my favourite track so far. I think that the fact it features Boy George might have something to do with it to - I used to love Karma Chameleon when I was in high school (I have no idea why, since it was released when I was about three). 

♥ Frank Sinatra - That's Life
I have been on a bit of a Frank Sinatra kick this week for some reason - on Friday night I watched Guys & Dolls and On The Town just to get a Frank fix - and I actually hadn't heard this song before this week. It might be one of my favourite Sinatra tunes now, though.



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