Lita, light of my life

So I have become kind of unreasonably obsessed with owning a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. The pair that has particularly captured my heart is the Lita boot. Never mind that the weather has started hitting the low thirties (Celsius, that is) and boots would be completely impractical - not to mention stifling - I have been daydreaming about them for days (yes, really).

Having said that, I do also have a soft spot for the Foxy platforms (which I think are exclusive to Nasty Gal). These sat in my Nasty Gal cart for a while until, heartbreakingly, I realised I didn't have a spare $150 for shoes. I promptly bought some Miu Miu knock-offs instead (which, as far as shoes go, are pretty great). But look at that PLATFORM! Amazing.

So I will continue to lust from afar...



  1. My Foxy's are in the air right now... and have been for a while :-/

  2. Ahh I am dying for both of these beauties too. I have two pairs of Jeffrey's now and they are super duper comfy. Well worth the cash I think!

  3. Just buy them!! They are sooo comfy for mega heels :) I love your blog by the way, will be following.

    Ash x


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