Gin in a Teacup Christmas Guide, part 1

It's almost December! So this is usually the time I start feverishly bookmarking sites, so that I can show people my (extensive and usually expensive) Christmas wishlist. But, I thought, why not put some of these together into a little gift guide for you lovely readers? The majority of what I'll feature can be purchased online, and with a range of price points, so there's a little something for everyone. And at worst, you'll find something more to add to your Christmas wishlist.

Part one is dedicated to friends. Since I have particularly amazing friends, I thought it was only fair that they be first on the list.

If your friends are tea fiends like mine, the I'm a Little Teapot teapot from Modcloth ($44.95) should hit the spot nicely. Even cuter - the little basket can be used as a "temporary tea bag holder"! Aw! Plus... it's an excuse to make tea. What more do you need?

 If you're prepared to spend a little extra on an extra special friend, the Fujifilm Mini Instax Instant Camera ($158) would make a fantastic present. I am dying for a film camera - aside from it being a lot easier to lug around in your bag, come on, who doesn't love film? Taking pictures & not knowing how they're going to turn out? NOT having to upload everything to Facebook only to be told by your friends how gross they look and delete it now, please? Lovely.

 Box set DVDs are a favourite present of mine (to give and receive). If you can't sloth around for a day of DVD watching with your friends, well then who can you sloth around with? Any box set should go down well, but me and my friends are prone to a bit of Beverly Hills (and the new 90210), Sex and the City (oh, shh) and, of course, the old standby Friends. Try Amazon for box sets (just make sure the DVD is in the right area code!).

If your friend's tastes are a bit more on the quirky side, I love these tattoo dolls. I love that on the site they are referred to as Mr. Percy and Lil' Edith. I love that Mr. Percy looks like a strongman from a 1930s circus. Plus if you buy them for someone else you will get to see them all snuggled up on the couch when you go over to their house.

An original print - like these La Vie est Belle prints by Etsy seller evajuliet - is a fantastic gift. If you buy a set like this, you can split them up and all have something that reminds you of friends all the time!

Good luck! Parts two, three and four coming in the next few weeks!


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  1. Aw, well picked, Tara! They're all absolutely gorgeous!


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