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Sorry for the crappy Photobooth photos, but I couldn't wait to show you my new hair! It is red & wonderful & done by Bee at Peggy Sue's (you might have read April Rose's review last week). I cannot recommend it highly enough, Bee is so lovely and the studio is so fun and charming.

Hooray! I will have a proper post tomorrow, hopefully - if it's not 36 degrees like it was today, rendering me totally incapable of doing anything other than slothing around!



  1. 36 degrees! Crazy business! It was cold and gloomy in Adelaide - i had to dig my overcoat out once again.

    Anyway your hair looks lovely - it livens up your look (not that you looked dull before, but you know what i mean). It's colourful Spring hair!

  2. Love your red hair! I am so jealous of your hot temps were barely reaching 20 in Canberra. Thanks for your modcloth advice the other day!

  3. Your hair looks amazing! The colour is awesome and really suits you ... I have been debating whether to go to Peggy Sue's for new hair, and I think that this has kinda cemented it for me! :)

  4. gorgeous! love the colour
    ahh i wish i lived in perth and could go to peggy sue's - i have never had a good experience with hairdresser's in melb :(

  5. Ugh, so horrible today- I didnt even go outside but I was suck to my PJs :D You look fucking adorable! It suits you x a million!

  6. I absolutely love it! Could you be more adorable?! :) That really makes me want to go red. Very lovely on you!

  7. I love your hair colour! gorgeous & totally suits you! x

  8. janiece - Thank you! I was looking to liven up my look, so I know what you meant :P I needed something new for spring!
    Megan - Anytime, I hope it helped!
    The Girl From Timbuktoo - DO IT! Bee is amazing & so, so talented! Plus the studio itself is so cute. Cannot recommend highly enough!
    Amie - Aw, that sucks. I have had some hit & miss ones while in Perth but I could not be happier with Peggy Sues! Perfect for retro-loving gals like myself!
    Em - Thank you pretty face!
    Jasmine - Thank you! I'm so glad I finally took the plunge & decided to do it!
    Thy Lady - Thanks! :D xo

  9. You look fantastic! Beautiful colour.

    And I love Bee! She cut my hair about a month ago and just today I booked a colour with her for a few weeks time. I'm quite nervous about it, good to know my hair's in safe hands :)


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