What I Wore 25.10.10

I wore this to an interview for an internship position. It was quite hard to decide what to wear, considering it was a 26ºC day, but luckily my Modcloth order came last week. I wore the Sesame Candy dress (I got it on sale and it's all sold out now, unfortunately!) and it's perfectly light and simple for summer.

This dress fits beautifully - I adore Modcloth, but I find it really hard to get dresses that actually fit my bust size. The brand is Nick & Mo, so if you ladies with bewbs come across any, snap them up! The only problem I have with the dress is that it's linen, so it pretty much crumples as soon as you put it on, as you can tell by the photos. But, I couldn't go past the gorgeous colours and the fact that it has POCKETS!

Sesame Candy dress, Nick & Mo from Modcloth
Rubi flats
Osier owl ring
Diva rosebud earrings

I was hoping for a bit of a break after the craziness of last week, but I still have two major essays due in the next couple of weeks (major as in, 40% of my final grade). So, no relaxing for me just yet! I do have some posts lined up, though, so you guys won't be left Gin in a Teacup-less like last week!

I really like this last picture... but it also kind of makes me look like a creeper lurking in your back garden. Which I don't, I promise. OR DO I? (No. No I don't.)



  1. You look great! Hope the interview went well.

    I feel your pain assignment-wise, i have four coming up before in the next few weeks...arghh!!

    xx Claire

  2. Wow, that is a cute dress and that second last photo is an amaaaaazing one of you :D

  3. Lovely photographs and a great dress...pockets are definitely a good addition to a dress! Good luck for the interview!

  4. Cuuuuuute dress! I hope the interview went swimmingly - you certainly look great enough for it.

  5. Miss Claire - Argh! Good luck with them, lovely!
    Monster Girl - Really? I don't think it actually even looks like me, haha! But thank you! xo
    Rebekah Leigh - Thank you! x
    Miss Peregrin - Thank you, hopefully I didn't look too creased!

  6. You can lurk in my backyard anytime...

    Love the dress! :)

  7. cute! :) great smile


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