What I Wore 15.10.10

Hello! This is what I wore for a lazy day working at home and a teeny bit of shopping in the afternoon. My mum is visiting from Bunbury, so this morning we went out to a delicious breakfast at the Dux Cafe. I always get the vegetarian breakfast because it includes a gourmet hash brown (there IS such a thing), mushrooms, spinach, and haloumi cheese. Yum! Unfortunately today I couldn't enjoy it as much because I have the worst hay fever I've had in a while. So, I spent a majority of the day relaxing with hot drinks and episodes of Say Yes to the Dress, and went out to get some new work clothes in the afternoon.

Vintage dress from Etsy
Jeanswest belt
Rubi flats
Oliver Peoples glasses
Diva gold rosebud earrings

Last night I went out to dinner at Pancho's with the girls I used to work with. One of them is leaving to go to Melbourne and it is really sad to think she won't be living around the corner from me anymore! The $5 margaritas helped numb the pain, though. And tonight I am hopefully going out to birthday drinks and to see a band in Northbridge.

Hope your weekend is splendid, too!



  1. Love the dress! Beautiful pictures.

  2. There are too many magnificent things in this photo! Your gorgeous dress, glasses, the lovely colour of your hair - simply beautiful, Tara!

  3. oh my goodness. i love this dress.
    i absolutely love dresses this length.
    you look beautiful.

  4. The length of this dress suits you so well :)

  5. I love the print on your dress.

  6. Lee Oliviera - Thank you! I'm not sure exactly what it's meant to be?... but I love it all the same!
    Jasmin - Thank you, I was very happy with how they came out! They were thanks to giving many quick, on-the-spot photography lessons to my sister!
    Corrine - Thank you, lovely! Hope your travels are treating you well!
    gee - I've been drawn to longer lengths recently, I'm not sure why because the weather is calling for shorter hemlines!
    Le Fanciulle - Thanks, I quite liked it! I may have to get more longer dresses!
    jess - Thank you!

  7. Gorgeous print on that dress! Owls? Floral? Hmmm. Love it either way, + the colours..

  8. I love your glasses!! Where did you get them???

  9. Emily - Thank you! It's such an unusual dress, I love it!
    Christine - They're Oliver Peoples, I got them from an optometrist in South Perth (sorry, I'm not sure where you're based, I can be more specific if you need!). I think you can buy them from the website, too! Hope that helps! x

  10. The prettiest print:) Love your specs too.


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