What I Wore 09.10.10

I completely forgot to post these photos, but this is what I wore to the One Movement festival. Sorry to show you the same dress so soon, but it was a rather last-minute outfit - as I mentioned in my Sunday Songs post, my sister's boyfriend had a spare ticket and I was lucky enough to get it the morning of the festival! I was actually a little bit cold, I guess the summery weather in Perth couldn't last for too long.

I guess I should explain the random balloons in the photo, my best friends got them for me on my birthday and they are miraculously still full, almost two months later!

Vintage dress
Sportsgirl hat
Mimi Loves Jimi brogues 
I also carried my My Girl Gwendoline bag, but didn't get a picture!

It was a really great festival - it's only the second year it's been in Perth. I was surprised to see it was quite empty, though, and most of the people there got in for free. I think it has a bit more of an 'industry' vibe and less of a 'let's go to this festival and get munted' kind of feel to it, along with the lack of major international acts. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have gone if I'd had to pay for a ticket (even though I would have been pretty devastated to miss Ben Kweller!) but it had such a good vibe and really friendly atmosphere. I will definitely be heading back next year!


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  1. I absolutely adore those brogues! And such a cute outfit, too!

  2. Le Fanciulle - Thank you! The brogues were from General Pants Co., if that helps!


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