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I will be honest. I'm not much of a handbag girl. Once I buy one (usually a cheap one from somewhere like Temt or Sportsgirl), I tend to use it until it pretty much falls apart. However, recently I have had to travel between two houses quite a bit, and as I am quite disorganised at the best of times, I do usually forget something important. So, when Borne Naked asked me to review their product, I thought that I would see if I could lift my organisation game!

The liner itself is quite big, about the size of a clutch bag (it's the size 'medium' on the website). Because I prefer to carry quite large bags, it was used more of a pocket containing the essentials than an actual liner that I could transfer between bags, although when I was in a rush, it was easy to just grab out the bag and shove it (...delicately) into another bag.

Here's my 'essentials' that I put into the liner...
♥ Wallet (from Dotti, it's already looking a bit used, does anyone have any recommendations?)
♥ Glasses case
♥ iPhone & headphones
♥ Napoleon Perdis foundation
♥ A pen (usually there are a lot more floating around in my bag)
♥ Sportsgirl sunglasses
♥ My name badge, for work (I work for one of the concession brands in David Jones)
♥ Deodorant
♥ Body Shop lip balm (I've been using this one - the brand, I mean, not the same tub - since high school)
♥ Headphones
♥ Keys (owl keyring from Sportsgirl, Paris keyring was a gift)

Phew! And this is only the 'essential' items. They have to compete with myriad magazines and books, like the Frankie one pictured (I HATE going out without having something to read), stones such as amethyst that I bought in Fremantle ages ago, crumpled up receipts and movie tickets, uni notebooks and handouts... and so on.

I didn't think it would be a necessary product, because I don't switch bags that often, but I was pleasantly surprised at how convenient it was to have all my essential products in one compartment. When you're staying at someone's house, it's a pain to get there and realise that you've forgotten your makeup or deodorant, and having it all in one bag made it a lot easier to find, and to chuck in my overnight bag. I also tend to absentmindedly take off my jewelery and put it in the depths of my bag - putting it in  a clear case made it MUCH easier to find the next day!

I was sent this for review by Borne Naked, I don't think I would go out of my way to buy one if I hadn't been sent it. It's useful, but I just don't think I switch bags enough to warrant the expense. I will continue using mine, though, and if you're more of a bag girl then I would definitely recommend it!

Rating: ♥♥♥1/2 / ♥♥♥♥♥. A useful product that I can definitely see myself using, but probably more suited to someone who changes bags more regularly. I thought the sizing was a little off - it was too big to go into the clutches I own and a little bit smaller than the bags I regularly use. Beautiful packaging (I love the pin-up girls!), and if you go to the website you can actually pick the size which would suit you the most. I would probably recommend a small, the medium is a bit bigger than what I would need.

p.s And in case you were wondering, this is my bag! I got it on sale from Sportsgirl, and unfortunately I am already on the lookout for another bag. This one has studs, as you can see, and the fabric covering the pointy, sharp backs of the studs is completely useless - I've lost count of how many scratches I've gotten from this bag! I think that when a bag MAIMS YOUR HANDS, it's time to move on.

{Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review for Borne Naked. All opinions are my own & not influenced by the company.}


  1. Hi Tara,

    I have been using for most of this year an Alannah Hill purse/wallet. It's fab! Good quality, heaps of compartments, and very sexy of course. Of course her stuff is not cheap, but i got mine for a reasonable price on ebay. (I got sick of cheap rubbish ones that looked good but fell apart quickly). Recommended.

  2. Ahh! I NEED one of those clear liners. Not only to protect my bags, to to keep everything organized. It's a running joke between my boyfriend and me that I can never find my keys -- always down at the bottom of my bag.
    If you're looking for a good deal on bags, I've gotten my last couple purses from this site - http://www.handbagheaven.com/- The prices are great, their bags are super cute, and they last!


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