Summer Wishlist

I have never been very excited by summer. It gets SO HOT in Perth that I would basically rather lie under the airconditioner in my pyjamas, rather than actually get dressed (the effort!) and go outside (the stifling heat!). However, this year I have made a resolution to actually make an effort - so I don't go without outfit posts for three months - and have been compiling a wishlist to help me get inspired.

1. Shorts
I have always been a bit self-conscious of my legs, so have shied away from wearing shorts for most of my life. But this year I thought, eff that, and bought a gorgeous pair of Hi There by Karen Walker navy blue, nautical inspired shorts that fit like a dream. This has intensified my lust for shorts and in my "research" (internet shopping) I found these pairs that would be very happy in my wardrobe. I have wanted a pair of leather shorts for ages (although I'm not sure how practical they would be in 40ÂșC heat); these shorts by Sparkle and Fade are perfect - they're not too short or too tight. The Shorts of It draped shorts by Modcloth would be so incredibly comfortable and also fit the bill of not being so tight. I can see them being paired with a simple white tee and clogs for an effortless look. The Kimchi printed shorts look like they would be so flattering and it is such a simple print it could be paired with almost anything on top. And finally, the Lover scalloped short from Princess Polly captures another style that I've been lusting after for ages. I love the neutral tan colour, too.

2. Wedges
I love wedges and feel like they suit summer perfectly. The Jeffrey Campbell Flower of the Hour wedges, available from Modcloth, are fantastic for spring and the floral print makes such a chunky shoe seem a bit more feminine. The pair by Seed Femme features a kind of worn-looking leather and (having tried them on in store) I can vouch that they are incredibly soft and very, very comfortable. I have been lusting after a pair of clogs since my Rubi shoes ones unceremoniously broke beyond repair on a walk home from the pub, and I think these Funkis ones would fill the void nicely. I absolutely HATED clogs when I first saw but they've grown on me now and I am desperate for a pair that doesn't break! The Tunnelbana Heel from Modcloth would be perfect under maxi dresses and for summer occasions are a bit more formal.

3. Maxi Dresses
I love maxi dresses for summer; they're such an easy option to throw on and still look dressed up. It takes me a while to find one that doesn't make me look shorter, but once I do, I hardly ever take it off (in case you're wondering, I've found great ones at Witchery, Jay Jays and from op-shops). The Sportsgirl beaded maxi is great for nighttime - the beaded neckline looks very Sass & Bide inspired. The Navy Pipeline Maxi Dress from Button'n'Thread Boutique is a kind of unusual shape for a maxi - it looks a bit more elegant and Bianca Jagger, Studio 54 inspired, rather than simply 'beachy bohemian princess', like the vibe most other maxi dresses exude. The Very Vital Maxi Dress from Modcloth is just that - very vital! The stripes are flattering in all the right places and it's a bold choice for spring/summer.

4. Accessories
I won't go into too much detail here because they're pretty self explanatory - but all of them exude spring or summer to me in some way. Butterfly headband by Which Goose, turban and sunhat from Sportsgirl, sunglasses all from Girl Props (the first two pairs are making their way to me as we speak!), Refraction necklace by Drown from Alegorie, Quite Contrary earrings from Modcloth, Lulu Guinness tote from ASOS.


  1. Dang it! Why oh why did i have to cleeeeek on the link for the leather shorts? i cant afford them and now my heart aches! And clogs. Oh clogs. I wasnt a fan either but after seeing them on darling girls with white socks my opinion is swaying...
    After saying all this though, i still dont like summer very much!

  2. I was wondering how you ladies over there coped with the heat and fashion, whenever I go abroad I always find myself feeling too sweaty and horrible! Mind you it is better than a rainy summer I guess which is what we've had the past few years!Great blog post, I too need to look out for shorts that suit me, I stick to dresses and avoid shorts at all costs!I will check out your links!


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