Little Things 08.10.10

1. I'm not a vegetarian, nor do I have any immediate plans to become one, but I have become addicted to Quorn food. This is the (eerily authentic tasting) chicken, cheese and spinach schnitzel, lovingly documented for your viewing pleasure:

2. I have mentioned before on this blog how much I like pugs, so I was overjoyed to get these pug bookends. Until I find some books worthy of their awesomeness, they are just chilling on a shelf in the lounge room.

3. The day of the vintage market, my mum and I had breakfast at The Pantry Door in North Perth. It is a ridiculously cute cafe that I highly recommend! I got the spinach, feta and mushrooms on toast.

4. I didn't get a proper outfit photo the day of the markets, but I took this after I got home. I'm wearing a shirt-dress I got from Sportsgirl (and which you can see in this post). My room is pretty messy (understatement).

5. I was lucky and got a beautiful bunch of flowers last Friday for an anniversary of sorts. ♥

6. I am really excited to see Reel Big Fish! You know that I have an undying (if ill-advised) love for them, and I was sure that they wouldn't tour for a while after coming here for the Soundwave festival last year. But I shall be grooving along when they come to Perth in December.



  1. pantry door is lovely - the breakfast tarts are to die for. Actually I miss them the most about Perth!!! Try and get there first thing in the morning, because they’ll be fresh and warm and delicious.

    But for the best coffee in Perth, you have to go next door to Milkd. Jeez Louise. Heaven.

    Oh and did you go to Trio slash Ici et la? It’s just next door to the Pantry Door and has lovely vintagey inspired goods. I want some espadrilles from there but didn’t get them in time!

    Sigh. Miss Perth. Love your blog for a Perth injection!

  2. 1) I have been wanting those bookends for a while now - I love pugs too!
    2) The Pantry Door is the best! All their muffins are beyond amazing.
    3) That's such a cute dress!

  3. YARM, your breakfast looks amazing. And I love Quorn too. And those pugs, beautiful.

  4. that schnitzel looks amazing!! and the flowers are BEAUTIFUL :)

  5. Sam - Thanks for the tips! I actually haven't been there before (or even to North Perth that often) but I will definitely check out Milkd! The boutique opened at 12, which was the same time as the vintage sale, so I didn't get to look around :(
    I'm glad that my blog gives you a little Perth injection! :D
    The Velvet Bow - Yes! Someone else who likes pugs, hooray! & I can't believe how popular the Pantry Door is, maybe it should be a place for a blogger meetup!
    Bianca - Thank you! I'm glad someone else eats Quorn, it is probably a bit weird putting up pictures of frozen food but I do love it so!
    nicolette - Thank you! I am very lucky :D

  6. I saw those bookends while in Brisbane and so very much wanted them but couldn't really lug them home. They're so cute, as is your lovely dress.

  7. Pugs and Quorn meals= two of my favourite things:)

  8. Amy Alexandra - Oh thank you! I do hope you find the pug bookends somewhere where you don't have to lug them around!
    Tink In My Closet - I am liking all the Quorn love! And, for that matter, the pug love :D


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