I've Been (Ch)Eating

Fashion blogs, I am sorry. I have been neglecting you for something much more... delicious. And filling. I'm talking food blogs. Ever since I got the Australian Woman's Weekly cookbook for my 21st, I have become obsessed - obsessed! - with cooking. And not just your run-of-the-mill cake mixes. I'm talking pastitsio, banoffee pie, scones, pasta carbonara... It's getting out of control.

I've been bookmarking cooking blogs like a woman possessed. I've yet to stray from my beloved AWW cookbook, but here are some of the sites making my mouth water and tummy rumble...

1. Bake It In A Cake
A really cute blog all about - you guessed it! - baking stuff into cupcakes. This particular picture is from a recipe for Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting. Did you just drool a little bit in your mouth? I did. If you have a look around the site, you can find a number of things to bake into a cake, including Halloween Oreos, fortune cookies, Count Chocula cereal, and... broccoli?

2. Six Kilos of Pumpkin
I might be a bit biased, since this is my sister's blog, but I can vouch that the recipes she makes are all quick, simple, cheap, and delicious. This particular pizza above is from a recipe for a pumpkin, fetta and walnut pizza. It is amazing. I was actually a bit off it for a while after having it so often - the title 'Six Kilos of Pumpkin' is actually accurate, from when my sister "accidentally" bought too much pumpkin and then had to find creative ways to cook it so we could make some room in the fridge/freezer/tiny apartment.

3. Smitten Kitchen
This might be one of my favourite food blogs. Smitten Kitchen has beautiful photography and actually manages to make the blog really personable, which I think would be hard when you have a food blog. I mean, food doesn't really have a lot of personality. The above photo is of eggplant salad toasts, which I would love to make if I ever woke up at a suitable breakfast eating time.

4. This Fellow
I am cheating a bit here, as this isn't strictly a food blog. But, you can find some delicious recipes on here, like this one for chocolate cake (one of my all time favourite comfort foods). Plus, it is written by Keiko Lynn's boyfriend, who has been admired many a time for his adorableness. Win-win!

5. Bake-It

This is another person I kind of know in real life (IRL OMG!!) but unfortunately I have not gotten the chance to sneak much of her cooking. I did manage to get one of these cookies - they were made for the Macbeth in Space: A Romantic Comedy pantomime, which I know way, way, way too much about for someone who was not actually IN it - and I have forever rued the day that I did not try and sneak more. The recipes on here all look delicious and it even has cocktail recipes from time to time (well, if you put up a cocktail recipe, I won't say no to making it in obscenely large quantities and drinking it).

There you go! Five beautiful food blogs to whet your appetite. If you have any more you can recommend I'd love to hear them!


p.s Cat Wall, this post is totally for you & your love of food blogs/pictures of food/food. IRL REFERENCES LOLOLOLOL


  1. This has made my day.

    irlilylol x

  2. First of all, i love Smitten Kitchen. Her recipe for home made mac n cheese is amazing.
    Second of all, I love Keiko and Bobbi, keiko was super helpful when I went to NY and bobbi can cook. Nuff said.

  3. I totally agree with you, how addictive are those women weekly cookbooks? I think I have almost the whole collection but definitely the Old Fashion Favorites is my all time fav one out of the collection.

    Love Ms Stef...

  4. I know how you feel, you may also enjoy: http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/ - Ree is a great photographer and takes gorgeous photos of each step. Plus the recipes always sound soo delicious, and the ones I have tried definitely were.. Oh and she's funny!!

  5. Abby - I know, me too, it is the danger of looking at food blogs!
    Emily - I can't wait to make them! I wish pumpkin pie was a 'thing' in Australia, it is so DELICIOUS.
    April Rose - Keiko & Bobby are so cute! Seriously! I love both their blogs.
    ms stephanie - I know! This is actually a massive one, like the essentials cookbook or something. It weighs so much!
    Christine - Thank you! I think it would be so hard to write a food blog (like I think I mentioned), I admire these guys for doing it so well!

  6. Mouth watering.. I'm in baking heaven!


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