What's the story, Alegorie?

Alegorie is one of my favourite online shops and, to celebrate their 2nd birthday, they're offering free shipping withing Australia until September 19th!

In order to help you celebrate, I picked out a few of my favourite pieces.

Bambi ring, $49
You might remember that a couple of days ago I posted about my new rabbit ring from Pigeonhole. Well, as well as stocking those, Alegorie also has this adorable deer ring! Who wouldn't want Bambi hands?! I would wear this with a polka-dotted dress, grey over-the-knee socks, a straw boater, and clogs.

Refraction Necklace, $129
I have a pair of earrings from the last Drown collection (I don't think I have ever posted them on the blog? FOR SHAME) so I can vouch that they are absolutely gorgeous pieces! This is their new range and features a beautiful orangey-pink print. I can see this going with a little black cocktail dress.

Sunrise Sundial pendant, $80
I saw this necklace ages and ages ago on Fashion Hayley's blog and fell in love! As well as being a cute necklace on its own, it is an actual sundial! Can you imagine? "Hey, do you have the time?" "Do I EVER! Just check out my necklace!" Of course, then you would need to have friends who knew how to read sundials. I would pair this with a patterned jumpsuit, flat brown brogues, and stacks of gold bracelets on each arm.

Padma necklace, $120
I don't have many "unusual" pieces of jewellery in my collection, and I think that this could fill the void. It's made out of embroidered silk and brass, and looks absolutely stunning. I know there are more adventurous pieces of jewellery that you could wear, but I am enamoured with this! I would wear it, well, everywhere.

Black Key necklace, $39
I have been obsessed with finding a key necklace for ages. This one isn't exactly what I had pictured, but it's pretty damn close (and let's face it, a key is a key). I love that the cord on this is adjustable, so you can wear it at any length you choose! Usually when I buy a necklace they automatically sit in the most inconvenient place possible (oh, the perils of having BEWBS). I would wear this with black jeans, impossibly tall black wedge boots, a silver ring on each of my fingers, messy hair, and a long black singlet.

Excuse me, I have to go empty my bank account now...


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  1. Ohh I have been after a key necklace for ages (cos I clearly can't afford a Tiffany one!), this one here looks so cute on a string/rope!!
    Also totally approve of the outfit you plan to wear it with ;)


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