What I Wore 18.09.10, a.k.a My 21st!

So Saturday night was my 21st. I had an amazing night. There was great food (courtesy of the lovely Em, who made delicious cupcakes), great music (courtesy of my cousin, who DJ'd for the night) and a great time had in general (courtesy of many many bottles of champagne). 
I don't have many photos yet - and no proper outfit photo, whoops! - but this is what I wore.

Alannah Hill dress
Wittner heels
Rabbit ring from Pigeonhole
Diva earrings

I had the party at the Burlesque Lounge (which I very highly recommend - Nikki, who was in charge of all the party stuff, was so incredibly lovely and helpful) and so I went for a kind of pin-up, 50's look. I got my hair done, and then my makeup done by the Napoleon Perdis girls - I have to say, I had it done once before there and loved it, but this time it was ultra heavy, like stage makeup or something! I did not even recognise myself at first, the makeup was PACKED on. I mean.

The dress actually has a heart cut-out on the top of the back and is so lovely! Wearing a white dress was kind of stupid, though - by the end of the night it had about eight different drinks spilled on it.

I bought the shoes ages ago (on sale for fifty bucks!) but this is the first time I've worn them. They actually weren't too painful, but I was very glad that I brought an emergency pair of flat shoes with me. Even though by the end of the night I had given up on those as well and insisted on being carried everywhere (and by everywhere, I mean home from Domino's. Classy lass that I am).

I won't bore you with too many party photos, but you can click on this collage to make it bigger and look at those!



  1. You look gorgeous, love those shoes!

  2. looks like a great night! and i love the shoes:)

  3. ooooh awesome party Tara! Happiest of birthdays to you, welcome to the 21 club! :)

    Hope the speeches wern't too embarrassing

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  5. You look fantastic! I'm glad you had a good time.

  6. Thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes! The speeches weren't TOO embarrassing... well... at least they're all over & done with now!

    Thanks again! xo


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