What I Wore 14.09.10

I actually didn't have to go into uni for production week today, but I did go to get my hair cut. I felt like dressing up a bit - in lieu of all the Perth Fashion Festival events that I have to miss out on - so I wore this dress that I blogged about ages ago and picked up on sale a few months back.

Ellery for Sportsgirl dress
Black cardigan by Red Berry
Belt from an old Valleygirl dress
Black tights
Lipstik flats

The dress is really great, but kind of a weird fit. I think that this is a skater style dress, the waist is a little bit lower than normal and it has a big flared skirt. I had to buy it in the size up because it was so tight on the arms, though, so it's a bit big around the waist - hence the belt. It is also really short and flouncy, which is kind of a recipe for disaster! Eep!

I was also kind of naughty and went back to Pigeonhole to get some more little lovelies. But, I was spending birthday money, so it doesn't really count... right?

Oh, and this $5 ring from Diva. It is too cute!



  1. just found your blog and i love it. i am following now.
    i LOVE that ring..i need one in my wardrobe now.


  2. Hi there! I just discovered your blog this evening (like.. 10 minutes ago) & I love it already! I think you're lovely.

  3. how perfect is that ring for you!!:)

  4. Hanna - Hee! I think it looks like something you'd find in a dollhouse!
    gee - Thank you so much! :D xx
    Jolene - Oh thank you! You are too sweet! xo
    retro bird - Haha, I like to think so! ;)

  5. ahh that ring! amazing! is diva the same as what they sell in miss selfridge here in the uk?

  6. I'm so going to diva tomorrow to hunt for this ring... so cute! You look real pretty toox

  7. This outfit is my favourite of yours yet. You look so put together, your clothes look like they belong together, and they couldn't suit you more! LOVE! :)


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