Somebunny Loves You

I bought this ring today from one of my favourite shops, Pigeonhole!

I had a bit of hard time choosing one ring, as there were also lions and moose and deer (oh my!)

I love it. And I will be wearing it to my 21st party. Which is next week! Eep!

It is weird taking photos of my hand. The more photos I took, the weirder my hand started to look. By the end of taking photos I had forgotten what a hand is meant to look like.
...And now the word 'hand' has lost all meaning because I've typed it too many times.


p.s I am LOVING this new camera. Now I can take photos of weensy accessories and stuff without the pictures going all blurry! Hooray!


  1. mmm, i have the bunny head sheild brooch, so cooool.

    have a great time at your 21st!!


  2. Hi! That's a gorgeous ring. Have a great 21st!

  3. That ring is amazing! Every time I look at it I think of the rabbit in alice in wonderland! Have a great 21st!

  4. Hahaha that made me laugh about your hand looking weird after a while. I find anything/anyone, even words, look weird if you look at them too long!

    Love the blog :)


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