New Kids on the Blog

Okay, these blogs aren't new, but they're new to me! I have forgone a social life in order to stay at home and pore through their archives. If you haven't read them, then prepare to be enlightened, and if you have... then feel smug.

Le Blog de Sushi
I am incredibly late on the bandwagon with this blog, but I adore it. As well as posting gorgeous outfit photos, Sushi posts lovely editorials and other bits of fashion inspiration. It is an absolutely beautiful blog!

One thing I love about fashion blogs is that you can be inspired by a style that is totally different from your own. And so I love the style of Melbourne blogger Adele (who was recently featured in Cleo magazine!); she looks amazing in things that I would never be able to pull off - although I do own the leopard print boots that she's wearing in this photo!

Of course I would love this blog! It is filled with stunning vintage clothes, and the dress featured below is absolutely amazing. I plan to make something heavily inspired by it soon! Seriously, how amazing is it? SUCK IT, Miu Miu cat print.


What blogs have you been reading recently? 



  1. i love sushi too! its awesome finding new blogs that you love, and there's so many out there...


  2. great post, im always looking out for new blogs to follow! mine is quite new too, and id love it if you could look through and tell me what you think. I look forward to your next post!


  3. Yours! I love your blog, you crack me up. Ive added you to my blog role :)
    Also check out the Vogue Forums for blog links, the blog thread is huge and new ones are added every day

    April Rose

  4. (chow) heart + bleecker) - I know! I've started using the 'Recommendations' feature on my Google Reader & have been drowning in new blogs to read!
    LLL - Your blog is so cute, I loved the 80's post! :D
    April Rose - Aw thank you! I read through your blog too, I love it! So happy to see another Perth blogger x

  5. Loooove this dress! and the shoes. If you like to check out some Melbourne musings you can look me up too :)



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