Max Love

As we Australians head into summer, I am really loving the look of maxi skirts and dresses. I never used to wear them because I was a bit wary of making me look even shorter, I can't go past them as an easy option to chuck on and still look a bit glamorous and 70's-ish. Maybe I'm just influenced by the fact Jerry Hall is in Perth at the moment.

(l-r top row)
1. Love is Blind dress from Modcloth, US$57.99
2. Durban Beachfront Maxi from Modcloth, US$59.99
3. Scoop Back Maxi Dress from Topshop, £28.00 
4. Wing Print Maxi Dress from Topshop, £65.00
5. Eden Print Maxi Dress from Topshop, £85.00
6. Love Child Maxi Dress, Woodford & Co via Frockshop, $349.00
(l-r bottom row)
7. Keen in Evergreen Dress from Modcloth, US$59.99
8. I Dye! Maxi Dress from Modcloth, US$59.99
9. Liberty Blues Dress, MinkPink via About A Girl, $49.00
10. Snow Queen Maxi Dress from Topshop, £225.00

Swoon! I hope that the lovely weather arrives in Perth soon...



  1. I love the Keen in Evergreen dress, it's stunning! Unfortunately it will be winter here soon, so no maxi dresses for another six months or so, boo!

    Sarah x

  2. I LIVE in maxi-dresses in summer! They're so comfortable and pretty.

  3. I love these dresses.. but I'm too short and plump to wear them! :[


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