What I Wore 30.08.10

Hello! This is what I wore to my birthday dinner. 21 tomorrow, yay! I went to the Left Bank Restaurant with my family and it was quite delicious. It was so hard to find somewhere that was open on a Monday (the only day my family could come up) but I really enjoyed this place.

I wore my amazing Willow skirt that I bought during the closing sale of the boutique I used to work at. It is a really intense gold in real life, and leaves little gold specks everywhere!

Living Doll bodysuit from David Jones
Willow skirt
Black tights
Siren wedges
Gold ring from Evolve gift shop

ALL of the photos turned out pretty blurry. Sorry! Here is one of me and my sister. I have really horrible posture in this picture. Or maybe I just have a food baby.

I'm not one hundred per cent sure what exactly she wore, but I'm pretty sure it's a vintage cropped sweater, a dress from Supre (actually, one of MY old dresses from Supre), and heels that she originally bought for dancing.

Time for me to snooze and enjoy my last half an hour of being twenty!



  1. Aw, you look gorgeous, Tara! What a beautiful skirt. Happy, happy birthday, and here's to an amazing year for you! :)

  2. Just for the record, y'all:

    Black sweater from Retro Spec'd
    Dress from Supre
    Bloch Character shoes (from dancing, which means they have excellent grip. Handy when you are a klutz).


  3. You guys both look lovely! Happy birthday! :)

  4. Happy Biiiirrtthhhddaayyyy!!!

    April Rose

  5. Corrine - Thank you so much, lovely! xx
    emily - Thank you, other Lloyd!
    Monster Girl - Thank you my favourite monster friend!
    April Rose - Thank you! :D


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