Little Things

I very rarely remember to take my camera with me when I go out, but lately I have been making more of an effort to at least take photos on my iPhone. Here are some recent little snippets from my life...

I like toast soldiers and runny egg. This is a breakfast Mama Lloyd made me while I was in Bunbury, after I was really grumpy due to lack of food.

This is Papa Lloyd's list for his Sunday Songs post.

Another thing I like is big bunches of roses, upon return from said trip to Bunbury. This was taken with the Hipstamatic camera app. 

I made lasagna! You can't tell what it is from this picture - apart from something covered in melted cheese - but I made it FROM SCRATCH and I think that everyone liked it. No one got food poisoning or anything so

Remember when I wrote that post on Fashion Sicknesses? After downloading series one and two of The Rachel Zoe Project (and watching the first episode of season three!), I have been struck down with Rachel Zoeitis. This has resulted in me wearing this massive Sportsgirl leopard ring as often as possible.

Storm London Watches sent me this gorgeous watch! Thank you! Unfortunately it is way too big and has to be resized, but I couldn't resist showing it off. And yes, that is The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy underneath it, I am reading it at the moment!

I had lunch with my sister at Maraschino Cafe, in Fremantle. It has a very lovely design and reminds me of cafes in Melbourne.

I had this ridiculously large chicken burger. It totally defeated me, I think there was an entire head of lettuce and half a chicken in there!

That's it for now! I will try and remember to take more photos in the future, I love seeing the little details of people's everyday lives and I hope you have enjoyed mine!



  1. Ah, lovely photos! I now have a craving for lasagne.. thank you haha.

    Oh damn you hahah I wanted to win the Storm Watches thingy! It's a nice watch though :) :)

  2. wow wow wow, busy lady, I love egg and soldiers...possibly my fave meal ever which is a bit of a shame as I'm low carbing at the mo! Great ring and also well done on the cooking! I love making things from scratch..I'm very into sausage stews at the mo..yum!

  3. Alex. - Haha, I am ALWAYS craving lasagna! Yummm.
    Rebekah Leigh - I hardly ever have egg & soldiers, they're so delicious though! I'm going to try making more things from scratch, I'm sure that it is much better than just heating up frozen food...
    Monster Girl - Haha I love that all the comments have included a love for egg & soldiers :D

  4. Egg and soldiers!!! That makes me so happy. And wow, that is one heck of an amazing looking chicken burger.


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