I Like The Like

I read about The Like in the latest issue of NYLON (the latest issue to come to Australia, anyway) and while I'd heard of them before, I had no particular inclination to listen to them until I read that their new record, Release Me, was very heavily influenced by 60's girl groups (my favourite!) and that they were now basically carrying that through into their image, and going with a very vintage-inspired, 60's, beehives-and-eyeliner look. I was intrigued, and so I downloaded the album and sought out some photos (these are all from the band's Myspace... oh Myspace, how do you still exist?!).

The record itself is pretty great. While it does have elements of the sixties girl groups such as The Supremes, with tambourine, hand-clapping, cute melodies and jangly guitars, it doesn't sound too retro or out of place for 2010 - for example, I really liked The Pipette's album, but it did sound a bit contrived at times, and a bit too obviously trying to sound like a copy of The Ronettes or whoever. This record has a bit more bite to it - I would liken them more to the Greek chorus from Little Shop of Horrors than any actual sixties group. My favourite tracks so far are "Wishing He Was Dead", "Release Me" and "Catch Me If You Can".


  1. Thanks for the review lovely!
    Adore the 60s styling!!


  2. The Like rock hard, went to see them live half a decade ago and they were fabulous even then. So glad you've come around to the Like light! :D

  3. flair to remember - Thanks love! Me too!
    Monster Girl - Ahh so awesome! They used to only have two members right? I loooove them!

  4. Oh I love stylish bands, I'm going to check them out and hope they sound as good as they look hehe


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