Hello! I have the flu. It is now at the stage where I sound I have the 28 Days Later infection.

Here is my recipe for at least attempting to feel better

Many, many cups of tea +
Beverley Hills 90210, Season 1 +
lots of hugs +
big comfy blanket +
reading new books (at the moment it is Julie & Julia) +
gallons of lemonade (preferably flat)
= almost feeling like a normal human being.

Do you have any tips or tricks or old wives tales for the flu? It is day five of having it and I am getting mighty tired of it!



  1. Eek, you look cute despite! Get well soon xx

  2. You look absolutely adorable for a sick person. Unlawfully adorable.

  3. SOUP! Either viet pho or chicken soup. Also vegemite, for the vitamin b.

    I am sick today too and being an absolute sook about it.

  4. Aw! I hope you're feeling better now, Tara! It sounds absolutely vile but I always drink this and it always makes me feel better: lemsip + honey + rum. Bam! Get well soon, lovely!


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