What I Wore 30.07.10

Hello! This is another of the vintage dresses I bought the other day. Sadly, all I have done in it is watch The Office (the UK version, my sister has never seen it), eat leftover pizza, have a nap (what? It's my uni break, I am really bored) and clean my room. I have mentioned before that I am really, really messy, so cleaning my room has been a two day affair and I am still nowhere near having it look presentable. I would have taken pictures to prove it but... I was too embarrassed. It was that bad! I am looking forward to having it all nice and organised and finally being able to decorate it.

Anyway! Enough about room-cleaning (never thought I would have to say THAT), on to the outfit...

Vintage 70's dress
Red Berry cardigan
Diva teacup & spoon necklace
Black tights
Mimi Loves Jimi brogues
Oliver Peoples glasses

I am happy because tonight I get to see someone I like very, very much. Hee!

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. You look so cute, Tara! I am still totally loving your haircut, too.

  2. Beautiful dress! its so sweet, love the shape and colours, I'm enjoying reading your blog :-)

  3. Alex - Sure! :D
    Corrine/Frock And Roll - Thank you lovely!
    Rebekah Leigh - I am glad! I hope you keep enjoying it! x


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