What I Wore 29.07.10

Hello hello! After having an interview this morning (keep your fingers crossed for me, it's between me and two other girls!), I met up with one of the girls I used to work with, who got a job today! Hooray! This is one of three vintage dresses I bought in Fremantle yesterday. Oops. Um, how does unemployment go again?

Needless to say, I am very much enjoying not having to wear black for 75% of my outfits. I am not sure how well-received the stockings are - whenever I wear them out I am guaranteed to get asked for I.D. So I probably DID wear this exact outfit when I was four WHAT OF IT AND HAND ME MY GIN AND TONIC PLEASE.

Dress - vintage 60's
Red tights from David Jones
Supre cardigan (from about five years ago)
Lipstik flats
OSIER owl ring

I only tried the dress on for fun, but I loved the shape of it so much (and it was on sale) so it ended up coming home with me (to the detriment of my bank account). It's a little bit big for me around the waist so I think next time I'll either wear a belt or LEARN TO SEW and take it in. But, the fabric is in such perfect condition and it's so cute! It looks kind of like chess pieces. 

More vintage goodness to come tomorrow!



  1. I love Fremantel and equally love this dress, good decision to buy it. you have this job in the bagxxx

  2. where abouts in fremantle do you do your vintage shopping? I love to op shop but can never find anything that is genuine vintage and not just second hand, maybe you could do a post on how to vintage shop?

  3. aw, sweet :)
    good luck with your job!

  4. Very cute! I would definitely welcome the pink tights :D

  5. this is such a cute outfit!! I love the tights.
    hope you get the job sweetie! xx

  6. oh yes.. unemployment, or in my case, underemployment.. otherwise known as having MORE TIME TO GO SHOPPING AT OP SHOPS. Can SO empathise! Love the red tights, hope you get the job (and can wear them there!)

  7. retro bird - Thank you!
    emmy cupcake - For sure, I will get to work on it! Even though I will be giving away my vintage secrets :P
    Alex - Thank you lovely!
    Not a Paper Cup - Hee! I am glad!
    Sarah - Thank you, that's so sweet!
    Fourth Daughter - Haha, that's exactly it! I hope I get it too, thank you!


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