What I Wore 23.07.10

This is what I wore to go and get my hair cut (as you saw yesterday) and then hang around at home, packing for my trip to Bunbury (which is occuring AS YOU READ THIS! TECHNOLOGY!). All is still quiet on the job front, I am actually looking forward to going back to uni and having something to do again! I'm going to look into getting some work experience this semester, or at least by the end of the year. If you've had any experience please let me know how it all works!

Dress from Modcloth (one of the first things I ever bought online! See!)
Black tights
Cotton On cardigan
Clogs from Rubi Shoes
New hair by Lee Wallis

I will write a proper review soon but can I just say AGAIN how happy I am with my hair and especially my new hairdresser! She was so, so, so lovely. Good customer service makes me very happy. Also I am wearing almost no makeup in these pictures so apologies for looking so pale and GRIM.



  1. You're so preeeeeettttyyy!

  2. Cute dress! Also, just wanted to let you know I've (finally) added you to my blogroll. Meant to do it forever ago but am clearly crap.

  3. absolutly adorable dress! and love your new hair too :)

    It's so fantastic to find a good hairdresser! I just found me dream one this week too! congrats :)


    Fashion from Feline Eyes

  4. LOVE that dress and the shoes...So pretty!

  5. You rock those clogs hard, girl!

  6. Em - Pshawwww!
    Amy Alexandra - Thank you! I am updating mine too :D
    Maebe Isadora - Ah, it's SO good! I am glad we have both found awesome hairdressers!
    Rebekah Leigh - Thank you!
    Monster Girl - Hehe. Thank you! I try! I was hoping I wouldn't look too 90s. I think I succeeded!


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