What I Wore 14.07.10

This is an easy and (for me) pretty grungy outfit, that I wore to buy some shoes from Rubi Shoes (they are having a buy one, get one half price deal at the moment - score! Except not really, because they are Rubi shoes, and will probably fall apart in the first half an hour of wearing them), post a Louise & Jane piece, and go into uni. I am trying very hard to fill my days with as much stuff as possible so unemployment doesn't drive me insane. The shop officially closed last Friday (which is why there was a distinct lack of posting, sorry, it was a weird week) and so I am on the job hunt again!

As always, excuse the mess in the background...

Dress from Modcloth
Black tights
Boots from Betts (I LOVE THEM)
Skeleton earrings from Diva
Bag on floor from Sportsgirl, secondhand via Renee

An attempt to show off my dangly skeleton earrings! One of them is unfortunately missing half a leg but I think they are out of stock and, thus, irreplaceable.



  1. I love the dress- nicest colour!

    I want a remote for my camera.. do you know if it has to be a fancy camera for remotes to work though? What type of camera do you use? x

  2. *GASP* Half price shoes? NEED! What did you end up buying?

  3. Very nice! I really need to get to Rubi soon, they have some surprisingly appealing shoes at the moment (the clog sandals! the boots!) Good luck with the job hunting!

  4. Beautiful, Tara! L-l-love those skeleton earrings.

  5. Gorgeous dress! in one of my favourite colours and glad to see there are other anthropology lovers out there like myself (just stumbled upon your blog :) ).

  6. Alex. - I have a Fujifilm 2000HD (or something like that), which was about $400-500? It's just a digital, not an SLR or anything fancy like that! Hope that helps!
    E/Em - See following posts! :D
    Lisa Grace - Yes! The clogs are what I bought & they are sooo comfortable!
    Corrine/Frock & Roll - Thank you! I love them too!
    Syed - Thank you! They are a new favourite/recent re-discovery in my wardrobe!
    armchair traveler never! - Hee, that's so cute! Thank you so much! :D


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