What I Wore 02.07.10

Happy July!

These were taken just after my sister and I got back from a brunch date. I had some banana pancakes that were unfortunately runny as HELL in the middle. I also quickly went into the boutique I work at and was amazed at how little stock is left. It makes it seem more real that it will actually be closing at the end of next week. And I will be jobless!

I am also finally out a knee brace, I dislocated my knee earlier this week when my friend hugged me and then pushed me over a couch. AND WHO SAYS CHIVALRY IS DEAD.

I got this dress from Old Age on Etsy, and they were sweet enough to send this really awesome old postcard with it (that I didn't get a picture of before the camera ate my batteries). So, I thought I would make MY photos look a bit more authentically vintage.

The dress is beeeautiful, one of my new favourites for sure. It is very autumnal, don't you think? As I was writing that I realised that it is not, in fact, autumn here, and that Australia is in fact in its second month of winter. It has only just started to get really really cold, which is actually my favourite type of weather.

Vintage dress via Old Age 
Black tights
Black flats from Lipstik
Diva ring (that I thought I LOST at the movies the other day, and spent about 15 minutes searching frantically for, only to find that it was in my bag all along)

I really love the back of the dress too!

And my sister likes taking photos at appropriately random moments. And I apparently like slouching too (sorry mum).

I hope your week has been excellent! Mine has been great (dislocated knee and imminent unemployment aside).


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  1. Ohhh, I love that photo of you walking down the stairs! Ahh, so amazing. x


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