Q & A for Storm London Watches

2threads and Storm London Watches invited me to be part of a Q&A - with 19 other bloggers, so check out their answers as well - and I thought I would share my answers with you guys.

1. The time you felt most inspired by fashion - your inspiring fashion moment?
I got into blogging after reading a lot of Gala Darling's blog, and that used to be my only experience with fashion blogging. After I got started and found the hundreds upon hundreds of fashion blogs out there, I was definitely the most inspired. Other bloggers probably have the most influence on my style decisions and fashion risks! When I started blogging, I was particularly inspired by blogs such as The Clothes Horse, Annie Spandex, Karla's Closet, Skylark and Son, and Nubby Twiglet. The personality of all these girls really shines through their fashion choices and was so, so inspiring to a blogger just starting out!

 {pictures from The Clothes Horse & Nubby Twiglet}

2. The time you were proudest of your outfit or style?
When I was younger, in about year six or seven, I used to dress exclusively in dresses, skirts, dresses over turtlenecks, stockings, Mary Janes... a very, very girlie style. The only reason I stopped for a few years inbetween is because I got teased so much at school by people who were supposedly friends of mine and just trying to "help". I guess that returning to my girlie, vintage-lovin' roots and dressing for ME, not for other people, is my proudest style moment. I can't even imagine how this blog would be if I dressed for other people instead of myself! Probably featuring a lot of Supre, I TELLS YA.

3. The time in fashion you would most like to return to - e.g 60's style, 70's style...
I mentioned a few weeks ago my love of 60's fashion, and I still can't go past that era! I find it so inspiring, from the conservative housewife sixties depicted in shows like Mad Men to the "swinging 60's", Mary Quant, Dusty Springfield, mod London style. While I'm not sure how kind 60's style is to curvy girls - smock dresses aren't exactly my friend but they are a defining moment of 60's fashion - I do love lashings of eyeliner, big eyelashes, miniskirts, crazy printed stockings and go-go boots!

Thanks, Storm London Watches & 2threads!



  1. I loved in this interview how those blogs inspired you to start your own. As your blog inspired me. How the tables have turned :)


  2. This was really interesting! Gala Darling was a huge influence for me as well, she was basically the first blog I started reading religiously and I still love her to bits.

    I am also VERY glad you dress for yourself! I would take your style over Supre any day, easy, haha.


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