Mostly I hate the way I don't hate you. Not even a little bit. Not even at all.

10 Things I Hate About You is one of the only nineties movies I watched (and looooved) in the actual nineties, and I was completely obsessed with Bianca's wardrobe. There may have been numerous (and, for that matter, futile) attempts to copy her outfits. The last time I watched it - which was the day before Heath Ledger died and then I freaked out thinking I had had some butterfly effect on the whole world - I was much more interested in Kat's grungy and effortless styling, but it is still good for a hit of 90's nostalgia.

I was never crazy about Kat's prom dress, to be honest. Why have a simple slip dress when you can have layers and layers of pink tulle and a weird satin T-shirt, WTF.

Squee! (P.S - My ball/"prom" dress actually was rather similar to this. COINCIDENCE? It was harder to find full outfit photos than I thought, this was the best I could find of the dress:)

It was always my dream that some boy would show up to my soccer practice (pfft, as if I was ever sporty enough to do organised sports, but irrelevant), and sing me a song. It has not happened (yet, GET A MOVE ON BRAHS). 


Is body-con really a hangover from 1999? HAS THE DAY ARRIVED WHEN I HAVE ACTUALLY SEEN A TREND RE-APPEAR TWICE? *old*

I could probably say the final poem word for word WHY CAN'T MY BRAIN REMEMBER ANYTHING USEFUL. In the car the other day I found out I can also remember the lyrics to almost every Hilary Duff song recorded while I was in high school. And I can remember almost all of Ice Ice Baby. But can I remember when my phone bills or due? Or, you know, what 6x12 is? Of course not. 

So, that is my guilty pleasure movie of the week. I would love to know yours! Did you have any characters you copied the outfits of incessantly? Did you love JGL as much as I did (had a biiiig picture of him circa 3rd Rock From the Sun in my room, from TV HITS magazine thankyouverymuch)?



  1. Oh my god I loved this movie - not only for Heath (RIP) but because it was a modern-day reinvention of one of my favourite Shakespearean plays... btw, that whole side story and the Shakespearean prom dress equally awesome. Yup, I was an English nerdlet even back then :)

  2. There is nothing about this movie that I don't like. When a friend in high school said I looked like Kat in this movie I almost died. (I don't of course but this is irrelevant)

  3. I loooove joseph gordon levitt, this post has made my day hehe

  4. This movie is simply adorable! I have watched it quite a few times and I will at least once more in the future :) Loved the protagonist's personality and how she expressed her ideas.

    Heath's death *snif* still can not believe it, it is always sad when someone dies so young.

  5. Clearly inspired, I watched it yesterday! Thanks for reminding me how much I adore it x

  6. I've watched this movie so many times,because I live Heath(RIP) a true actor.You are my favorite actor.
    Ever thing about you is amazine I can't BELIVE you're gone :'(


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