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Um... my 21st birthday is coming up and I would absolutely love one of these purses from Femme Sud. SUBTLE HINT OVER.

The "Diary" purse is my absolute favourite.

THIS IS SO ADORABLE ARE YOU FOR SERIOUS. I would wear this with a Betsey Johnson dress (possibly this one that I saw on Gala Darling's latest outfit post), glittery gold knee socks, and black patent Mary Janes.

I would also not say no to the "Datebook" since I am totally, like, all up with the dates now (a lie, but with this at least I could pretend).
I do love the 'Buy' list at the bottom. I would wear this with a little black dress (what else can take you through so many dates?), black opaque stockings, a big gold cocktail ring, and leopard print wedge boots.

And what better to appease an Irish Catholic family than carrying around the Bible?
Heh heh. What would you wear this with? A nun's habit over stockings and suspenders?

I do have to say that these are purses strictly to lust after - at about $400 each, they aren't cheap. But! So pretty! I love books. And I'm not really a bag lady (ha) but I could learn to love purses. LET ME DREAM.

{this was not sponsored in any way by Femme Sud!}


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  1. Oooh these are gorgeous! Especially the datebook one. A purse/ diary hybrid? Super-organised Lisa is in love.


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