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I have a weakness for beautiful underthings, even if I am the only one who knows that they are there! So I am especially glad I found this adorable lingerie line. I found Hopeless Lingerie through their Twitter page and I am thoroughly enchanted by it. It looks so delicate and beautiful - almost too nice to keep under your clothes (but, well, please do so while out in public).  Here are my favourite pieces from their collection, which was inspired by the movie Jaws! How awesome is that? I can't say that seeing sharks tear off chunks of human flesh has ever inspired me to make something so pretty.

Chrissie Navy Blue Silk Halter Top with Flounce

I don't know if flounce is a technical term (I mean, obviously I assume it is if it's in the description) but it makes me utterly delighted that it is. "What are you wearing?" "Oh, just my shirt with FLOUNCE." I really love navy blue but I can never find any pieces of it! This is beautiful. Sadly I cannot ever wear it, as it's not recommended to go larger than a C-cup, but maybe some more smaller-bosomed ladies will enjoy it!

Meadow Georgette & Silk Camisole

Another thing I really like about all these pieces is that they still look quite sweet and innocent, for lingerie. They look almost (almost!) like you could confidently wear them out. This style usually looks quite odd on me but it doesn't stop me appreciating what a gorgeous piece it is!

Hooper High Waisted Red Organic & Soy knickers with Georgette Detail and Meadow Navy Blue and White Organic Soy & Cotton Jersey Knickers

I LOVE the look of high waisted knickers, which are probably affectionately nicknamed by most people as "granny panties". Ahem. They should REALISE that it is actually SUPER RETRO AND CUTE to have high waisted underwear. A lot more sexy than shapwear, as well, and perfect for days when you can't stand the sight of your stomach (hopefully I am not the only one who has these days).

Ellen Navy and Red Silk Garter Belt

I am currently having a love affair with garter belts. In winter, I am pretty much constantly in black stockings and it makes me feel a bit more cute having them attached to a garter belt (plus, it is like having a cool little secret! Well, not any more really). ANYWAY, I only have some tacky and cheap looking ones but this one is absolutely divine. I'm not sure how it is under clothes, since it would be kind of like wearing another little skirt underneath. But no matter! It is gorgeous. Plus, NAVY BLUE NAVY BLUE NAVY BLUE.

So, what are you waiting for? Go forth and shop! Bonus: all the items are handmade in Australia. Hooray!



  1. I wear nothing but nanna pants! As I have more, um, traditional figure with a high waistline, nanna pants give me a better 'line' if that makes sense. I WISH I could justify US$90 for some undies!

  2. Oh my gosh, how rad are garter belts? I love those things! I've only recently gotten into "grown-up underwear" - you know, the sexy kind - and I'm totally obsessed.

  3. Ohh how cute! I am in love with the first and second ones :)

  4. Amy Alexandra - That's why I wear them too! They make me feel kind of cute & retro & Dita Von Teese-y when I wear them too, but as I said some people ask if they are granny pants. Or if my other underwear is in the wash and this is the last pair.
    Miss Peregrin - I looove me some garter belts but whenever I wear them I am so self-conscious of them slipping down!
    Alex - Me too! If only I had a job & the money...


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