What I Wore 16.06.10

Hello! Today I battled a head cold to go and hand in my resume to Dangerfield. Please please PLEASE cross your fingers and toes and eyes for me! I only have about two weeks left at my current job so think it is kind of maybe a good idea to start looking for other jobs. In other news, I am writing this on my new MACBOOK PRO, OH YES (I am so in love with it),  and I have forced my sister, her boyfriend and my friend to watch Rock of Love and while they were (understandably) skeptical and resisted at first, they have ALL become obsessed. Mwahaha. No one can resist Bret Michaels and his "Wassa-goin-ons". I think it may be my favourite trashy reality television series of all time.

Modcloth Lookout, Cookout Dress (bought ages ago when it was on sale so I don't think there are any left, sorry!)
Dangerfield tattoo tights
Red Berry cardigan (stolen from Emily)
Isabella Brown shoes
Osier pistol brooch

I actually went out sans tights but that was way too optimistic a move. It is starting to get really cold in Perth.My sister freaked out when I came out with these tights because she thought that a) I had gouged my leg and then b) that I had gotten a whole leg tattoo - on both legs - in the four or so hours that I was out. I think all the exam stress is starting to get to her head.

Lady faces on my legs!

I hope your week is going swimmingly! And if you have exams I hope that you ace them all and then go and celebrate accordingly!



  1. This outfit is absolutely freaking awesome!! You look SO hot! :) xx

  2. Haha I was like WHAT! SINCE WHEN DO YOU HAVE LEG TATTOOS! So, I'm in the same n00by boat as Em.

  3. Normally I would scoff at faux tatts but those tights look awesome! Fingers seriously crossed for you, I was job hunting for AGES up until very recently and it can be SO FRUSTRATING (especially when you know you're perfect but they're going to hire a 17 yr old over you just cos they're cheap!). Good luck!

  4. You are the cuuutttesssttt! I will cross everything I've got- how GREAT WOULD IT BE if you worked right next to me! Squee! Did you go into work? I was off today :(

  5. My fingers are crossed for you.

    You are so gorgeous, I love those tights!

  6. Oh how cute do you look in that first photo! Aww.

    Those tights are ah-mazing. I want them. It would give all my ultra conservative relatives a heart attack. x

  7. I love those tights! Especially with the pistol brooch. You do know this song, don't you?


    That's what it made me think of...

  8. those tights are really great! when i first saw them i thought 'oh gosh i didn't know she had tattoos like that!' then i realised hahaha

  9. wow. i love those tights so much i immediately went looking for them online and then i couldn't find them so i'm going to myer asap.

    eeeep. they're awesome.

    p.s. glad you still like the brooch :)

  10. omg. you're from perth.
    and your tights. i at first thought you actually had leg tattoos. which would have been awesome, but those tights rock!
    i'm so happy i found another perth blogger!

  11. Oh wow. Those are indeed the COOLEST TIGHTS EVER. Awesome. I love that dress too, so sweet! And good luck with Dangerfield!!

  12. Megan - Thank you!
    Girl in the Black Beret - Oh thank you darlin'! You're making me blush!
    Monster Girl - Ha N00B! N00000000000b!
    harbourmaster - Hee, yes not usually a fan of fake tattoos but I am quite enamoured with these tights! & thank you for the job well-wishes!
    Em - YES! AWESOME! That would the raddest of all rad things!
    Chloe Michele - Thank you! :D
    Alex. - Haha, you have given me the idea to wear them to my next family gathering!
    Gin Fancier - I did NOT actually know the song but... thank you, I think!
    Helen - Haha! I am surprised that so many people have thought that!
    OSIER - It was a while ago that I got them but hopefully you can find them somewhere online! And YES I still adore the brooch! :)
    Missy - Thank you!
    Leah - Yay! I am also always happy when I see another Perth blogger! :D
    Lisa Grace - Thank you beautiful! Hope all is going well with uni!


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