What I Wore 07.06.10

Today was a public holiday, so of course I was uber-productive and did all the things I have been meaning to do. LIES! I watched Project Runway Australia for a while (I figured out how to download TV shows so... goodbye, any semblance of a social life), had unexpected but not undelightful guests drop in, and am now back to lying in bed. And still, it has been a good day.

I wore this dress to Sex and the City 2 because, in my mind, it is the ultimate girly dress. Floral. Big. Shapeless. Most guys I know hate it (if it's not belted). I adore it. It is deliciously easy to lie around in without looking like a complete bogan. To be honest I haven't actually left the house today but I put on my new boots for the pictures. They were only fifty bucks! I love them. This year I actually bought winter clothes, as opposed to my usual method of just layering summer clothes over each other until I am actually warm, and boots in many many sizes and colours are next on my list.

The Clothes Horse dress from Modcloth
Cotton On leggings
Isabella Brown boots
Bracelets from Eshe (in Bunbury)

A very casual look for a criminally lazy day.

I hope yours was swell too!



  1. I own a ridiculous amount of clothes like this dress. Super comfy, super easy to wear, super brilliant. And yet I don't think a single boy I know likes them either. Sigh.

  2. I love flowy dresses - they are so comfortable!

  3. Alex - Thank you! I would put the link up but I bought it months ago and am pretty sure it's sold out by now!
    Kelly - I know! I need to find more dresses like this, it is insanely comfortable!
    Monster Girl - Thanks! It gives me kind of a 70s, Stevie Nicks, Anita Pallenberg kind of vibe!
    Meghan - I know! I just feel like they are a bit... muumuu-ish on me? I don't know, they are so comfortable! Unf.


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