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Warning: this may contain spoilers. Or destroy your dreams if you loved Sex and the City. But, whatever.

I am unashamedly one of those Sex and the City girls. Yes, I have a name necklace. Yes, I have had the "OMG you're such a Miranda LOLZ!!!" conversations. Yes, I have spent heartbroken weekends watching the DVD box set with a tub of icecream. I don't think the first movie was particularly good - unless you mean "good" in a total, guilty-pleasure, self-indulgent type of way - but I really enjoyed it. I was a bit skeptical that they were even MAKING a second movie, because that seemed to be flogging the proverbial dead horse (resist urge to make Sarah Jessica Parker joke). But, my girlfriends and I went along in its opening week to see the glorious train wreck.

I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how much I loathed this movie.

The (rather flimsy) plotline is as such: Carrie and Big are having marital problems because he, as a 50-something year old man, would rather eat in and watch movies on the couch, as opposed to going out for dinner and a movie premiere every single night. Miranda is having problems at work. Charlotte isn't coping with having two kids. Samantha isn't coping with flaunting her almost-menopausal vagina every chance she gets. Samantha gets offered an all-expenses-paid trip to Abu Dhabi, so she can look at doing some PR for the hotel. And so it begins.

I realise that this plot is probably about as meaty as the first movie (boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back. And someone shits their pants), but at least the first movie was not INCREDIBLY CULTURALLY OFFENSIVE. I just felt like the whole time the girls were in Abu Dhabi (which was pretty much the entire movie) there was a whole IM IN UR CULTURE RAPING YOUR BELIEFS LOLOLOLOL thing going on. Samantha refused to cover up (saying "But we're at the pool!" or "But we're at the hotel!" For FUCK'S, Samantha. Don't be such a douche. Cover it up). And their conversations about the culture seemed to be like "Poor Muslim girls. They must be so oppressed because I don't see ANY of them running off to have sex in public. I'm SO glad I live in America where we can do that kind of thing." It kind of felt like the writers wanted to explore some empowerment themes but then realised "SHIT! We're getting in too deep, people are just coming to see them wear pretty clothes. Let's write more scenes involving their man-servants instead."

Another thing that annoyed me was the fashion. The first movie, I died. The closet? Unf. But, because this movie was set in a Middle Eastern country, Pat Fields must have felt it appropriate to dress them all as extras from a Bollywood movie. People who go to France don't go around wearing Breton shirts and a beret. People who come to Australia don't wear Akubra hats and R.M Williams boots. For me, while some of the costumes on the show and I guess in the first movie were a little ridiculous, they were still wearable (if only in New York). This just felt way to costumey and I can't really see Perth girls walking around in ridiculous headgear and balloon pants in six month's time.

After this (INCREDIBLY LONG) movie ended I felt like I had been punched in the vagina. I felt like I wanted to rip out my own uterus and throw it at all the woo girls who seemed to be in the cinema. Ugh.

My rating: 1/2 / ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ . I can't even. DO NOT see it if you want to hold on to your brain cells/dignity.

Sorry to shatter your dreams. It hurt me too!



  1. Yours must be the tenth bad review I've read, and as the word of a fellow lady blogger, I'm convinced it's not just cynicism. I shall not waste my $18. Shame really, the tv series was culturally relevant and iconic - I feel like they were taking the piss to screw with such a good thing. Carrie on? How about don't. (ps: LOVE the 'woo girl' reference!)

  2. My thoughts exactly! My review for X-Press wasn't a nice one...


  3. I was so heartbroken :( So, so heartbroken.

  4. YES this is exactly why I HATED this film. It was so offensive. So many of my friends didn't even think of those things and thought I was a bit harsh on it. SATC is fluff with pretty pictures. They should stay away from cultural commentary and stick to what it does best.

  5. If I hadn't already decided not to see this movie, your amusing yet brutal review would have tipped me over the edge, LOL. I don't want to ruin my fond memories of the TV series by seeing this.

  6. haha I actually like it however I to agree about it being offensive, I was actualy suprised it was allowed to be made! And the plot was a flop but I just can't get enough of SACT sadly lol

  7. OMG I completely agree! It had more cliche's than a tampon commercial! "I am woman"???? I am vomiting.

    Agreed about the clothes. WTF?

  8. I saw this today actually (lucky I'm behind on my reader haha).
    I too found it over the top & offensive. Especially the part *spoiler* when they're in the market & Samantha's bag breaks & she's giving people the finger & flinging condoms about? Disgusting & incredibly disrespectful.
    Overall I enjoyed myself, but I think that had more to do with being with my best friends & having a few laughs.

  9. Kate@Tres Lola - Please do NOT waste $18! I was crushed, I tell you, CRUSHED! It was SUCH a departure from the TV series.
    Dropstitch - Yes! Your review summed up exactly what I thought. Let's just hope that they don't make a third movie!
    Em - I know! Let's hold each other until the pain goes away.
    Anon - I quite liked the TV series & thought it had a bit more substance, especially "for it's time", the first movie was pretty bad but tolerable, but this one was just BAD. Not even just in a SATC context, just as in one of the WORST movies I've seen recently.
    Miss Peregrin - I pretty much just watch the TV series and weep now.
    MadameDollface - Oh, I can't get enough of it either! I think the fact that the movie couldn't be shot in Abu Dhabi should have been a deterrent to the writers but apparently not?
    boldaslove - HAHA your comment made me laugh. "'I am woman'? I am vomiting". Genius.
    Carly - I know! It made her look incredibly desperate & ignorant rather than enlightened or powerful or sexy or WHATEVER they were going for. I went with my girlfriends too and I agree that having them there made me slightly less inclined to vomit and gouge my eyes out.


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